Wednesday, 8 June 2022


 Well, what a wonderful long weekend of celebrations for her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee! I'm going to start with some photos I took in our local town before the start of the celebrations.

This men's shop had a massive union jack as a backdrop in one window and

and this union jack made up of photos of the queen at the front of the other window.

a flag bedecked council cart.

The local bookstore across the town square.

a pub on the other side. There were of course lots of others but these one's were on my route to a shop i wanted to visit. I'd say that the men's shop got my vote for best looking design.

We had a great time with a few close friends and family, enjoying tea outside then relaxing in the seating area even though the temperature did drop quite a bit in the evening, we kept chatting.

I was really pleased with the flowers I cut from the garden, something I don't do very often as I like to see them in situ. But I could be tempted to cut some flowers more often, at least when the garden is full of colour.

I loved all the wonderful big puppets that they had in the final parade like this young dragon






Just a few people watched...

Her Majesty waving to the crowds.

This week seems so quiet after all the lovely events over the last few days! Mind you we were still eating the last of the party food up until today.

Now it's June we are back doing things in the garden, which means that this week I started removing the box hedging from the formal garden.

Not for us to get on with all the weeding, no, now I had decided it could go, I wanted to see it on it's way! Plus the fortnightly garden bin collection was due today, so I wanted the two bins full.

One side is cut down although the roots will need to be dug out. We sat on the seat in the area and discussed what to do in the space and one of the things we decided on was to put in a water feature, since we removed the one by the patio, in order to get the gazebo to cover that area, we have missed not having a pond.

Years ago I loved this fountain by David Goode, it's a bronze, so cost a small fortune 

I still love it and now it's twice the price!! Well, we went looking at what sort of water feature we could put in part of the area. Anything made of stone appears quite expensive and also quite small!

When I was looking at David Goode's site and once again loving the above statue, I found the perfect style of water feature we would like. That we could also make ourselves, therefore saving on cost.

So, forget the wonderful but expensive fountain by David but the pond water area is what we will be aiming for. Now remember this will not be a quick fix but something to look forward to.

On the doll front, not much has happened mainly due to the jubilee, mind you I still managed to buy a couple of knitwear items for the dolls and a ballet outfit from Ginny, a dangerous site to visit as I was tempted by a few other items.

We in the village intend to carry on celebrating our queens seventy years on the throne for the rest of the summer! We know a good thing when we see it! ;)

Have a great week


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