Sunday, 19 June 2022



Well, Sunday is here again! The weather here in the UK, has been very hot! Starting pretty warm at the beginning of the week and finishing on Friday with the hottest day so far! Where even the breeze is hot!

Thankfully the temperature has dropped after some rain late on Saturday, which is good as I am going away for a few days next week, with the girls and the grandchildren to the coast. If the temperature was still around 34 it would be too hot even with a sea breeze!

So, between sheltering through the middle of the day away from the heat, we have been concentrating on the garden refit. Pauls made a frame for the concrete base for the pond and ordered the items needed to cement it plus more gravel/pea shingle for the area's no longer covered by hedging. That will all come next Wednesday, so I'll be able to help once I'm back on Friday.

We made a trip to the garden centre on Wednesday to look at large plant pots, and I do mean large! They did have some very large pots but the cost! Of course, we checked out the plants while there and this was the result.

This is why we try not to go to the garden centre too often, we always come back with a plant or six!
At least these are all perennials, so will flower for many years to come and the plant in the centre at the front was three for the price of two.

In the garden it's still been the usual knock-on effect of having changed one part, another section gets a slight change. Little jobs are getting done here and there and photos and details can be seen on the garden blog.

On the doll front, next to nothing is happening. I have bought a couple more second-hand items for them, but no dolls have arrived or left.

The dolls have gone very much onto the back burner at present, hopefully, once I'm back from my trip I can get a storyline or two going. I do have several in mind.

Claudia was chatting to Joan, who was moved on to one of the gazebo tables, until a new place can be found for her. She was getting covered by the shrubs behind her, so for now she's enjoying some space.
Claudia is on one of the doll stands, which I took photos of for someone on the FB group. They are like the ones Kendel had and also like the Pongratz doll stands, although they have string attached at the top, so you can tie it under the dolls clothing. This one makes do with the dowel being placed inside the trouser leg or pants and back of dress for stability. They do save the doll from suddenly taking a dive just when you have stepped away, so cannot save them!

I will be back on Friday, so until then I will leave you with this close up of the sweet gentle Claudia.

Have a happy healthy week ahead



  1. The first photo of Claudia and Joan is adorable. The look on Claudia's face, so thoughtful... And I know so well about gardening centers!!! And I have to go to one next week or so. I do fear the result ;-)

    1. Garden centres are dangerous places for plant lovers! take care ;)

  2. A garden center is a bit like a candy store. Looking forward to seeing the completed pond. I always think every garden should have a water feature.

    1. It is and if it sells candy well perfection! The work is progressing, and the bank account is quickly emptying as our imagination and plans expand while running wild!