Friday 3 June 2022




" How come I have to help put the tables out? " Complains Toby

" Stop moaning!" sighs Percy " you could be doing the washing up !"

 "Really! Wow lets get more tables then " says Toby gleefully

"This is the last one, so it wasn't so bad eh!" Percy smiles " of course we have to put them away at the end too!"

" What! Why can't .."

"Washing up? " Percy reminds him 

Toby stops his moaning and pulls the table into place.

The children are gathering to taste the goodies.

Martha and Claudia are wondering if they could start with one of the ice cream sundaes and work their way back to eating a sandwich?

Ragnor and Robin are deep in discussion about whether Ragnor, could also be a descendant of the Ragnor Lothbrok from the Viking series!

 "Would you like a cup of tea ? " Hattie asks Magda, who nods " I'll be mum then" she says and grabs hold of the tea pot ready to pour.


Toby is trying to decide just where to start there is so much choice!

Arabella is guiding the new girl, Monica, through the celebration.

" Yes that's correct our beloved queen Elizabth has been on the throne since 1952! So that's seventy years of service to the country"

" Goodness the poor woman must be so tired! " I'd not want to have to work for seventy years!! gasped Monice getting a little worried

" It's because she came to the throne so young " continues Arabella" It's such a shame that her dear husband Prince Philip passed away last year, I'm sure she is feeling the loss even more at this time" says Arabella sadly

Then she shakes off the sad thoughts and smiles at Monica, lets go and get a plate select a few slices of delight and find somewhere to sit"

Monica nods, although she's not to sure what a few slices of delight is? Hopefully she'll be able to work it out and not have to ask!


Mm what's that under the table at the end?

I hope someone notices soon, or that will be one very sick toddler !

Let's leave them to enjoy the afternoon.


  1. Aww what a fine garden party! It looks so inviting, the nice table clothes, the goodies, and EVERYTHING is better than doing the washing up! I only hope the toddler will be saved from eating too much - but if not, he will be a happy sick toddler ;-)

    1. The children are very excited to be having a big party in the garden. I bet they will all vanish when it's time to start washing up not just Toby! I hope someone realises that Lucas is too quiet and find him before he eats all that food!

  2. What a splendid banquet! Good on Toby for helping to set up (even if he was slightly coerced). I think if Lucas manages to eat all of that, they may want to just leave him under the table. And of course, congratulations to her Majesty, the Queen for 70 years of dignified and dedicated service.

    1. Toby always needs to complain even when he's saved from a much worse job! I like that idea of leaving Lucas under that table if he over eats! But no doubt one or more will come to get me! We have been very lucky to have her Majesty being our head of state for the last 70 years, may her reign continue for a few years yet.

  3. What a nice assortment of Sasha sized tables, china and food!
    It's good the children had a party on this very rare occasion. Congratulations!

    1. We are lucky to have so many tables which allows all the children to party together. Alas we will never have another jubilee this big again, so we have enjoyed this one