Friday 24 June 2022


 Sun, sun and more sun! Have just spent four days in St. Leonard's on Sea, in Sussex. 

Saffron was outside checking out the decking.

"Perfect place for breakfast " she tells me

The grandchildren are just across the way!

After a quick change she's trying to decide which bed to sleep in!

Next she's checking out the living room/kitchen

Then she's out sunning herself on the deck!

" This is the life" she sighs

"Who let this dog up here!"

"He is just enjoying the view " I say

"Mum! Can you tell him to stop following me please!"

" He's just curious, he's never seen such a small person before"

"MUM! What's he doing now? "

"He's just looking out the window Saffy, stop fussing!"

"Hello Clara what you doing? Can I play? "

"Hello Bear, Sorry you cannot play we're making patterns in the water" Clara calls back.

Later in the week,

We were invited to dinner by Mike and Courtney, and Mike did a lovely Mexican spread.

Nanny had an upset stomach, so Clara made a picture of her showing she was still smiling and all rumours that Mike had tried to do for his mother in law were false, she was unwell two days before he made us all dinner!

But lots of lovely grandchildren playing and visiting was enjoyed, along with hot sunny days and cool chatting nights. Everyone went home saying we must do it again but next time Granddad needs to come too!


  1. This looks like everybody - including Saffron - had had a great time! That dog is wonderful! Greetings to this Husky from our Malamute!!! And the sleeping room - so cute... Love this post!!!

    1. He, Bear, is also a Malamute, so he sends greetings to his brother across the seas :)

  2. Looks like you all had a lovely time, Saffron included!