Friday, 23 September 2022


 On Thursday 15th the post woman kindly delivered a few parcels, and I immediately spotted the doll box! I'd last tracked the doll a few days back and she was still in the US, so I was surprised to see her box.

I saw her on a US site a few months back and just fell for her, if anything I should have walked away as I could have picked a very similar girl off UK ebay but you know what it's like when you see one you love, you just have to go with it.

Anyway, I fell and paid her off a couple of weeks back and she was on her way. Of course, during her travels, our Queen passed away, so she was a nice lift when she appeared.

She is very minty looking and white strings so a 1970 girl.

Her string is a little weak, but I think that's more due to age than her being handled.

On the day she arrived in one of the other parcels was this..

A castle hall! Not for the Sasha's I might add but for some mice and some small bears I already own.

Also, in the post that day was a book on some dolls given to the Queen and Princess Margaret, so you can guess where this is heading.

Yes, she can only be called Elizabeth after everything, the queen, castle rooms, book etc! I will probably call her Beth for short, but she is named for the late queen.

Now she's off for a wash and a change of clothes and to meet her new siblings.


  1. I understand completely. The heart wants what it wants, and it doesn't matter where in the world we have to go to get it. The early 70's Sasha's really are lovely and special with their soft puddle eyes. Her hair is beautiful. Great name too.

    1. So true. If our hearts want, we just have to get if possible :) I feel she will fit in well

  2. She is so beautiful! She looks like an angel - and she definitely is a queen. So she is made to wear the name of two great queens, the historical and the just late Elizabeth. What a wonderful idea to have your own little Elizabeth with you now! I'm sure the late queen would have loved the idea.

    1. I am sure the late queen loved her dolls, at least as a child and so would have appreciated ours :)