Sunday, 25 September 2022


The weeks seem to be passing quite quickly as usual, so although we feel like we are getting things done, the time does seem to be running out before winter will rush in.

It will soon be time for the Chat n Snap, but I did alter the theme due to everything that's happened so far this month, to make it easier for Paul. I have changed the theme to Royalty in honour of Queen Elizabeth the second and the new King Charles. So hopefully there will be some snazzy dressed Sasha's and Gregor's cutting the rug as the saying goes.

Not much has been happening here apart from the never-ending quest to get the garden sorted.
We have been working on the flower garden, which is the first section you walk into via the metal gate.
It did have the bearded Iris bed in the centre, but although beautiful when the plants were in flower, it turned into a weeding nightmare ever after.

At one point we were going to keep the iris bed but turn it into a colourful flower bed and build a circular path around it but now we have decided to remove the iris bed and completely pave a central circle around the sun dial increasing the flower beds slightly to meet the edge with small paving off to reach the covered benches and the way to and fro. So, all the grass needs to come up and the circle dug out! 

Elsewhere in the family exciting things have happened...

After waiting nine years my youngest daughter, parent to the princess and prince, has finally fulfilled her wish to have a cat.
And not for her any old moggy, no, a beautiful Maine Coon kitten!
Above is a photo she shared of Clara and the kitten checking out the front view.
I have to say seeing this beautiful kitten did make me wonder about getting one but then Mabel came through meowing constantly for, yet another dish of food and I suddenly went completely off the idea! So, I will be enjoying their cat when I visit. 

She is called Nimue, since her dad's called Merlin. And yes, I am a little jealous, but it won't last once Mabel sees someone move and starts meowing for more food again!

On the doll front, I have just received as I mentioned a new to me Sasha, who I will show more photos of this week. I'm trying to find her look.
I have not been actively selling or buying, so nothing much happening there.

Although I did receive a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend, who bought a Gotz doll and didn't like the new style of joints, so sent her to me as a gift because she knew I loved this dolls face and they are rarely made, so getting hold of one is hard and also expensive.

She reminds me of my granddaughter Clara, with her big blue eyes and white, blonde hair and her sweet full cheeks.

Well, not much else to say but have a happy healthy doll filled week


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