Monday 5 September 2022


 September is here and so is the fifth, so let's share those lovely photos you have sent in.

Over at RoRoPo, Adelheid and Holly are out in the garden checking out the plants that are flowering.

They both add some more colour to this colourful garden, little gems of colour themselves.

Will, Marco and Miles from Grgeoropolis insisted that after those girls took centre stage last month, that it was time for an all-boy appearance. And what a great trio of early lads they are all, those brooding good looks and attitude! You are always welcome lads

From Wendy, in Australia, we have a Miss Dolly Schoenhut doll, who she has patiently, strand by strand brought the hair back to its crowning glory. 

Magda's been out in the garden checking out the new folly window and wall, I think she approves!

She is also feeling happy because Mum finally changed her out of her spring outfit!

Many thanks to everyone sending their doll photos for the post. Still time to add more, just get them sent in.


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