Friday, 2 September 2022



Arabella is outside checking over some plants we have bought for the garden.

" These plants seem to have multiplied. " Arabella states" and why all these ones the same? "

" Well because they will survive hot weather, they love hot weather, and we had a discount voucher so decided now was the time to get them"

"And what's with all this grass! " 

"Those three behind you, was one big one that had planted itself between the edge of some paving! So, dad finally took it up and split it into three clumps and we'll replant it in the flower borders"

" But Grass? " Queries Arabella 

" Yes, grasses in the borders are very in these days"

" Mm " She's not convinced

" Now can I ask you a question? " I ask

Arabella nods

"Why are you dressed like some hoodlum in a vest and boots?"

"Mother I am dressed like this because of the weather and being outside" she rolls her eyes as if I'm stupid for not knowing " and just because I am dressed so, does not mean I am a hoodlum? You should Never judge a book by its cover!"

With that she walks over to!

" Where did you find that? I thought I'd hidden that away!"

" I found it where you left it, in the old studio. Now I cannot stay to chat I have to go see Aunty Plum about getting this scooter pimped!"

" Getting it what! " I gasp but she's already riding away " Where's your HELMET?" I yell to her disappearing back 

"Wherever you hid it!" drifts back to me as she vanishes out of sight!


  1. Poor mum, literally left in the dust! Good idea using heat tolerant plants. I don't think our poor planet will be cooling down anytime soon!

    1. It happens to mum all the time ! Yes, alas we are going to have to adapt our gardens to survive this or give up!