Monday 2 January 2012

A NEW YEAR..2012

Well its a new year and decisions have to be made and resolutions  hopefully stuck to! Most of mine usually begin with losing weight ( a never ending battle), clearing the house of all the things that noone ever uses and no longer needs and taking the dogs for more walks ( thereby helping with weight loss for me and the dogs!). This year I have also made another which is to sell some of the Sasha's that I do not have much interaction with to aid my red 68/69 fund!

Now you would think easily done...but not a bit of it! Everytime I pick one up and decide yes I will sell her, I find myself admiring her lovely face and hair and if I change her into another outfit I think well she looks so nice I'd best keep her!!!

I did put on a 69 blonde Sasha to sell and although she had a lot of watchers I spent most of the time trying not to remove her from sale!! but I did manage to wait until she did not sell and have now decided that she will stay and go off to Brenda in the spring to be restrung and I will get my friend Gill's daughter who is a hairdresser to tidy up her fringe which had been chopped by a preivous owner.

But today I did manage to put on two Sasha's to sell and again went ' she is so pretty maybe I should keep her?' then put her back on shelf and left. but then a few hours later I went back and picked up two and dispite them trying to use their Sasha charms on me they are on Ebay but for how long only time will tell!

I also have the opposite  problem with selling clothes I have made for sale. I work on  that if they dont sell then I'll keep them for my Sasha's but I always list them again!

This is a picture of Phoebe who is a limited edition pintuck ( I have two, Liberty being the other one), I did consider selling her but she is my only doll who can have her wig changed, she is wearing a lovely long red real hair wig, and when I dressed her in this sweater set I'm selling she looks so nice with her red hair and blue eyes that of course she is staying.
I think she looks so nice in this set, so I am no sure if I'll keep it or sell once again only time will tell.

So one of my New years resolutions is to sort out my Sasha's and all their belongings of which there are plenty! I may have to make 'Only time will tell' into my catch- phrase...

I have added a couple of more pictures of sweater sets that will be going on ebay for 68/69 fund next weekend.

Sapphire in blue/green crofters.

Hermione in pink/lilac crofters.

Isabelle in 6ply sock wool in a lovely blend of pinks.

If anyone is interested in any of the above before I list them, they are £6.00 per set which includes UK postage, add another £1.00 postage for US.
Sapphire and Hermione's sets now sold. Isabella's set is on ebay.


  1. Hello Dee,
    I would love to buy your outfit that Sapphire is wearing in the blues/greens,It would make me happy to buy it to fund your redhead !
    Chris xx

  2. Hi Chris
    can you email me (deeowen) taking out brackets. I will put the sweater set aside for you.

  3. You will get your red in no time at this rate!Yay! I bet you are itching for Shelly to reopen her site next week..I know I am :)