Friday, 10 February 2012


Hattie decided that she would go and visit her friend Lottie at Gill's today, how she thought she would get there in the snow that had fallen overnight I have no idea!

Also we had a disagreement about the correct clothes to wear for snowy weather!

"I think you need to put on some trousers and a coat and hat Harriet"

" Mum! My tights are really thick and toasty warm" explains Hattie

" Good, then they'll be really warm under a nice pair of trousers"

" But then you wont see my boots!"

" Then put on a different pair and a coat!"

" I cannot stand out here all day argueing about it mum! I'm going back indoors" states Hattie in a huff " dont you know its freezing out here!"

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