Sunday 26 February 2012


Last year I bought a beautiful ballet outfit from Frances and it got me thinking about doing a ballet for my blog, so I asked Frances to make me several more dress sets in different colours. Which she very kindly did over the next few months.
I had planned to do the blog around christmas but was side tracked and what with one thing and another I have still not done it. One of the main problems being all the props I would need to be able to take the pictures.

So why I decide whether I'll ever actually do the Ballet I planned or change it so I can use more natural surrounding I have decided to show you some pictures of the beautiful outfits that Frances made and as been waiting to see in a group photo ever since!

Here is Miriam in the dress that set me off on my ballet idea.
It came with this lovely handmade headband.

Here is a beautiful red dress with a black undernet to keep colour of the red nice and deep, worn by Claudia.

Then we have Violet in a lovely blue set.

Evie is wearing the beautiful white set which really suits her.

I do love Evie's face and of course she is a red haired Sasha which as an extra appeal.

Sophie Elizabeth is wearing the black which I wanted for the bad dancer's outfit.

And here we have Sapphire pretty in pink.

Here are the twins together in their outfits.

Sophie Elizabeth and Evie showing you their Black and white look.

Miriam and Claudia in their dresses.

The girls begin to gather together.

Finally all six girls are together awaiting their call to dance.

Evie in the lead.

Sophie Elizabeth takes the lead.

It took ages to dress and photograph each outfit but everyone was beautiful to see and each sasha looked great in their outfit. I would dress one set her up then take a couple of pictures then leave her in place to admire as I dressed the next one. Evie was about the third one I dressed and as I sat dressing the next one I looked over at Evie and she looked so serious as if she was waiting in the wings of the theatre preparing herself to make her entrance! I took a couple of photo's of her hopefully the one below shows you this.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at all these beautiful dresses by Frances I cannot believe that it as taken me since last november to finally put these dresses on my girls! But now they will be Ballerina's in waiting on more.

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