Monday 20 February 2012


" Pssst Esme are you there?"

" Quick she's not there! lets get in position"
" Whose not there?"
" Esme"
" Esme?"
" Yes "
"Oh Ok"

" Come on everyone, get moving we have not got all day you know! "
" Hey Giggles, Look at all our treasure"
" Yes look at our treasure"
" Yes Its from mums knitting bag"
" Whats That white thing you are holding?"
" It's an E"
"that dont look like an E?"
"How would you know! " Argues Giggles
" Because look at the words under this picture and every time you say E LOOK LOOK see It goes like that not like That" says Cassie Camel pointing at the wooden letter.
" This things attacking me!!, Ow Ouch ouch " Harry Hog says as the letter digs into his chin

" Is that better?" asks Giggles having turned the letter round the right way
" Oh much better " says Harry Hog " its not digging in me any more" he sighs with relief
Giggles rolls his eyes and looks at Cassie Camel
" Yes that is the same as the word under the picture now"
" Good"

" What are you all doing! You are in the way of the letter!! "

"We want to be in the picture too!"
" yes and the treasure"
" Yes Treasure," " treasure" " I seem to be stuck in this treasure" they are all talking at once again

" Hello what is happening here? " asks Kirsty coming across all the blue noses together.

" Oh" "Humm" " Nothing" " Just resting" " Playing" " Thinking" they are again all talking at the same time!

" Well Its a surprise" says Giggles

" For who? " asks Kirsty
" Esme"

" Look we have her Letter E "

" Very good that is an E for Esme but why do you have it now ?" asks Kirsty

" Because its her Birthday on 23rd"

" Yes It WAS her birthday on the 23rd of January not February"
" who be  ary?"
" January not February, now is February" states Kirsty helpfully

" OH NO we got the wrong ARY!! " says Giggles " everyone clear up "
All the blue noses start moving everything to be put away.

"Well Who knew what an ary was anyway " they grumbled as they cleared up all their treasure and letters.

" Why have you got a letter P?" asked Kirsty
" Whose got a letter P?"
" Yes whose gota P"
" Thats rude! "
" what rude?"
" Having a P"
" Whose Having a P "
" You said you were "
"No I did NOT"
" Yes you did too"
"He had two P's?"
Kirsty heard all this as they carried away their treasure.

" Excuse me Kirsty "

" Yes Bubba?"

" What is a January? "
" It's a month"
" And what is a month?"
" Well its part of a year, you have twelve you know"
" Do I?"
" Do you what?"
" Have twelve?"
" no a year as twelve, twelve months " stated Kirsty " It starts in January and ends in December"
" Really"
" Yes"

" Well if it starts in January and ends in December, where does February come from?"

" Its the second one "
" What year? theres another one?"

" Look Kirsty is telling Bubba a story lets listen"

Kirsty looks down to realise that all the blue noses have returned and are sitting listening.

They start calling out once they see she's seen them
" Tell us more about the Ary story" " Yes we want to know about decembers and years and 23rds!!"

" we want a story ,we wanta story"

" It's not a story it's a facT"
" whats a FacT??"
"Fat whose Fat?"
" She did not say Fat she said FacT with a BIG T"
" Well she had better not have said Fat or mum will tell her off!"
" She did not say F....A....T"

" what's this story about then? Does it have pirates? if it as pirates we'd better call Toby, he loves a pirate story!"

" It is NOT A STORY" says Kirsty begining to lose her patience

" Well why not" " yeh why not" " all sounds like a story to me, january , february ,fairy fairy Ha Ha its a fairy story ..why did you not say it was a fairy story...we love fairy stories" thay all start talking together as Kirsty closes her eyes in disbelief.

" Psst Esme........HAPPY BIRTHDAY .......even if its not january...."


  1. thank you for the blue nose story i loved it,
    I like blue noses i have 30!
    from esme

    1. I am glad you liked it,I enjoyed doing it for you.
      I only have a few Blue Nose friends and they are enough trouble, I do not know how you manage with so many. :)