Friday 17 February 2012


Today Hattie received a packet in the post from her friend Lottie, she was very excited and could barely wait for the postman to leave before she was opening it.

Mmmm Hattie its a very big packet!

She has wrapped it up well so it does not get damaged.

Oh Its one of them big trendy handbags in a nice blue. That was very kind of Lottie to send you one.

It looks quite big? Oh I see its supposed to! Yes  its true I do not know much about Fashion and trends etc, I leave that up to you Hattie.
Where are you going? Your off to phone Lottie for a chat! Well dont be on there long it costs a fortune! Your going to what her? Skype? that sounds a bit painful!  No thats true I'm way behind the times and have no idea whats what or whos whos, just make sure you dont hurt her when you skype her, I'm off for a sit down and a cuppa all this technical talk has given me a headache.

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  1. Just love these Sasha stories! So cute! (and time consuming to set up, I am sure!) Keep it up!!!