Sunday, 26 February 2012


Now since I have been collecting my family of Sasha's and Gregor's and looking on ebay for clothes for them I have been buying clothes from Frances who sells under the ebay name egdonbooks.

If you have never bought any of Frances's clothes you have been missing out. She uses the very best of fabrics and makes the most beautiful clothes, with detailing second to none. When I first started to acquire her work, I did not have to pay too much and got some of her outfits for much to cheap a price!

This I believe was due to her still building her reputation with purchasers. I am pleased to say that her last offerings on ebay when for a lot more now that people know the quality of her work, which is lovely for her but will make it harder to obtain one of her beautifully made out fits.

Below is some of her work that I have been lucky enough to acquire.

This lovely satin dress in mid blue with matching pants.

Satin and a peach floaty overskirt.

A nice pink with patterned top and a pale green sailor drop waist style dress.

Three more outfits showing the lovely detailing that is a sign of Frances work.

This pink dress was the first one I bought from Frances and I could not believe the detailing and quality of fabric.

This close up picture shows the perfectly matched colour ribbon flower detail.

This outfit is one of my favourites by Frances, a beautiful patterned dress with matching pants, a short jacket in grey with black detailing and a bow on the back and a sweet pillbox hat.

Back view of jacket.

A selection of the pants that come with the different outfits.

My most recent purchase from Frances this beautiful Purple velvet coat.

In my earlier post about Paris finally getting a name, she is wearing a Frances dress and pant set that I found for sale on Shelly's site , I recognised it straight away as one of hers, the detail stands out.

Well now I have let the cat out of the bag re the quality of Frances's work no doubt I'll have to pay more for anything else I want but thats fine by me, its time she reaps the rewards her work deserves.

I have done two blogs today, the second one after this is also about Frances but in another way.

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  1. Dee,
    Yes,I agree with you a 100%,such wonderful fabrics,I have had a few myself,sold two reluctantly to fund a new doll (sound familiar !!),but wish I had kept them,I have a beautiful outfit on one of my girls right now,just so,so pretty,she is a true crafts woman,along with many other brilliant seamtresses,Sarah,of Vintage Sasha,my personal favourite,Judith.of Dollydoodles,to name but a few,all truly amazing,all made much better than any items of my own clothes !!,long may they continue,hooray for the dress makers!!Oh,not to mention,the knitters too,yourself Dee,wonderful knitted dresses and hats and Jane of dollyknitting on ebay and Lucy Dinterval off ebay,all tremendous,hooray for the knitters too !! I totally love Sasha dolls,where would we be without them?
    Chris xx