Friday 3 February 2012


Today the small but dedicated founding members of the Red Mania Sasha/Gregor group, Hertfordshire branch met.

The members at present consist of only three, Gill, Lorraine and myself we maybe small in number but we
 are fast and hard fans of the red haired sasha's and Gregor's!

Lorraine very kindly brought along her Np Lucy and also an early Gregor plus her other reds, Gill's were of course there as it was her house we had met at. I lost the plot  and only took two of my reds....but we still had a sizable group of girls and boys to delight the heart of any red lover.

Sixteen reds in all, fourteen girls and two boys.

Here we have Lucy on the left at the back a NP 67 girl belonging to Lorriane and front left a large head yellow eyed girl also belonging to Lorraine. It was nice to be able to see thses girls close up and in the flesh so to speak, it does make a difference. I did not like the sound of the 'large head' sasha but in true she looks fine.

Here at the back on the left you have gill's slate eyed red girl.At the front on the left you have Lorraines
early red haired Boy. Interestingly on the right you can see two red haired sasha,white dress girls , one mine one lorraines but both different, Lorraines girl has lighter hair that is two toned and behind them are two more of the same Girl , Gill's Mathilda in plaits and my girl Hattie who has  been given a short hair cut.there were also two more in the mix.

Well although it was a meeting of reds, there were other Sasha's and Gregor's present so we gathered them all up for a group photo.

Well not a bad collection for three people, I will point out that I had only brought four of mine with me ,I'm sure that Lorraine had left a few at home, so three people this many  with more elsewhere!!!!!!!! all three of us have heard the immortal words from our DH's " How many do you need!!!" it would seem just a few......

Three of Gill's just arrived back from school in time to have their picture taken.

Toby and Henry were getting on great, Toby was sad when he realised that Henry had been hoping he'd bring his bike so that he could have a ride. Toby explained that Duncan had needed it for his paper round but he was sure that he'd let him bring it to the next meeting , so he could have a ride. Then they were off talking about having to go treasure hunting in the summer with the other members of the crew of the Jammy Dodger and we had to ask them to keep the noise down when they started singing " A pirates life for me" at the top of their lungs!!.

On the other side of the room Hattie Bonham Carter was giving Mona May advise on dressing like their idol Helena !

" Helena does like a bit of lace " states Hattie " which is why I have some in my hair today"
" Really " says Mona May" I did not know that, I'll ask mum to get me some"

" Oh yes " states Hattie getting into her favourite subject " Lace and long full skirts! and she is not afraid to try anything! She is Perfect! " she finishes with reverence.
Mona May nods in understanding and both girls pause to sigh in delight.
" Now you must remember less is more"
" Pardon?" says Mona May
" Less is more" states Hattie looking at Mona May
" Oh yes  I see Less is more! " she says not understanding at all but not wanting to appear dim to her friend Hattie.
" Yes " Hattie carries on " and if your mum thinks it all wrong you are probably all right! "
I think Mona May is beginging to get confused as Hattie carries on further " and if you put your coat on before your mum can check what you are wearing you can get away with all sorts of styles that Helena would wear"
" So " says Mona May recapping " If its wrong its right and wear a coat?"
" Yes " says Hattie delighted that her Pupil Mona May is a fast learner!

Well everyone had a good time , sasha secrets confessed and information exchanged.
So we will be meeting again when the weather is warmer and days longer.


  1. So many variations of faces, never mind shades of red hair. Wow, great seeing them altogether so we can compare all the similarities and differences.

  2. What a grand family of Sashas....all beautiful. They make a spectacular picture all together

  3. Great pictures of the kids! Glad you had such an enjoyable day!!

  4. Beautiful pictures of all the red heads gathered together...