Thursday, 19 July 2012


Paige and Ginnie are talking their bears for a stroll in the garden.

” Oh Dear ” worries Edward ” Why must we ride in this vehicle ! “
” What? Oh the pram ” replies Mossy ” It’s great”
” I am a Panda not a doll! Panda’s do not ride in pram’s” states Edward.

 Mossy suddenly turns his head and peer’s out ” Did you hear that?”
” Sounded just like the click of a camera”

“WHAT ! ” cries Edward jumping up and looking round franticly, someone’s taking pictures…

” Miss Paige Miss Paige! ” he climbs out on to edge of the  pram and clings to Paige’s arm.” We must return to the house now!” he plead’s.

” Calm down Edward” soothes Paige helping Edward back into the pram ” No one is taking pictures”
“He does look a bit pale ” states Ginnie coming round to the side of the pram.

” How are you Mossy? ” asks Ginnie ” Are you happy?”

” I’m fine Mum ” sighs Mossy ” It’s lovely this here pram, very comfy. I could have a lovely snooze if someone stopped bouncing about complaining!”
Edward scowls at Mossy ” Traitor” he mumbles.Mossy just grins back.

Lillian turns up , having been out riding on the scooter.

” Hello, what’s going on?”
The girl’s explain about Edward being worried that someone is taking photo’s.
Seeing Lillian’s sympathetic look Edward asks if he can borrow her hat. Lillian hand’s it over.

Edward puts the hat on , which is much too large for him! All the girl’s start giggling, luckily Edward cannot hear them due to all the cotton covering his ears!!
“What are you doing Edward! ” giggles Paige, at first he does not hear anything but a mumbling sound so Paige talks very loudly.

Edward turn’s to Paige ” I am a Panda ” He states ” I cannot have my picture taken in a Pram!  and I think I’m getting travel sickness , my tummy feel’s all odd”
” Oh you are so sweet ” soothes Paige ” why do you not take off Lilly’s hat and I’ll take you back to the house for a nice Bamboo sandwich? “
” No crusts ?”
” No crusts ” promises Paige. Edward gives Lillian back her hat.

Edward slumps down, riding in a pram is very stressful to a Panda of his calibre !
The girl’s chat for a while before taking Edward back to the house for the promised sandwich, but when they arrive he’s fast asleep !


  1. Another absolutely wonderfully amusing story. Smart pram. Certainly bought a few smiles to my face and reminded me of when I was about nine often taking my pet rabbit, tucked up and reined into my dolls pram for a walk to collect the Dandelion leaves that she so enjoyed eating growing in the nearby grass verges.
    I can sympathise with Edward as I too don't like having my photo taken.
    Sasha love and thanks, from Kendal.

    1. Thanks Kendal. I remember taking my nan's Yorkshire terrier about in mine, he was only a tiny little thing.
      I don't think many woman , including myself , like having their picture taken and not because we are riding in something that's beneath us!Lol

  2. That was the best part of being little ...taking your doll's pram out...I used to take one of our cats a big longhaired ginger tom out in mine :)

    1. I do believe one of my sisters was seen pushing the pram down the street with one of the cats on board wearing a rather pretty babies bonnet! thems was the days....

  3. I think the girls were very patient with Edward - he is rather grumpy sometimes. You'll have to get a quieter camera.

    My sister and I dressed our black and white cat up in one of our dolls dresses once, he was very patient about it but didn't like it much.

    1. Anna, he is not grumpy....much , he just has standard's that a Panda must keep or all will chaos ! You know what these Sasha's are like give an inch and they take a mile....

    2. I hope that RSPCA are not reading all these comments...can we be 'done' for all these tales of animal's and prams!!!