Saturday, 14 July 2012


Yesterday I went to look at Shelly’s blog page, it said that she would be listing some lovely new dolls that had arrived if the weather permitted and here was some eye candy .

Now being me I read the first part new dolls and here are photo’s and started to look at the most beautiful Sasha’s and Gregor’s you could ever wish to own. After the first few pictures I could not believe what I was seeing, all these fanastic Sasha’s were coming up on Shelly’s site! ( Yes I know) there are lots of pictures of Red haired Sasha’s and my heart was in my mouth…which one to chose and which member of the family can I sell in order to pay for her, them ! Would the seller wait while I sold everything including kitchen sink….then I noticed that some of these pictures were familiar…I have covetted that Sasha before! Yes the penny dropped and I went back to top and read the message properly…….Yes you can giggle but I bet a few others did the same.

All I can say is THANK GOD they are not all about to come on Shelly’s site ( although some of the pictures are of current Sasha’s available)
It will save my DH having me committed due to my wandering round the house picking up things and mumbling ” It’s not enough!” and throwing things out of drawers and cupboard trying desparately to find things to sell(, hopefully no long lost waiting Sasha’s) and other strange behaviour that’s can be seen when a Sasha obsessed person needs Sasha cash!!

So I recommend that you go and look at the most beautiful pictures ,taken by the very talented Shelly , on her blog page and have a lovely time, at least you will not get a shock having read this sorry tale first …but you will drool and you will covet.

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