Friday, 20 July 2012


Much to my surprise, when I received my Dollydoodles order today, all the boy’s had their summer outfit’s!.
So I took them into the garden for a photo shoot.

Here they all are ! and they are , well most of them looking at the camera! I had to take the photo between rain showers and sit on the grass, so then had to go change, having got wet. But at least the boy’s stayed put while I got a few shots.

Here on the left and from the left we have Tristan ( one of the twins) Dominic,Adam and Tobias( Toby).

In the middle from the left we have Nathaniel ( Nate),Benjamin ( Ben), Duncan and Percy.

And again we have Duncan and Percy but with Zak and Ethan ( twin to Tristan).

All looking very smart in their dolly togs and ready for adventure during the summer holidays.

I am adding a picture of Paige, who I finally changed out of her Vintage Sasha dress and into something a little more play friendly.
She is looking very nice in her new blouse purchased from Ruth Hartley at the festival and a pair of  white cord cropped trouser by Michelle ( snuzz1mich62) my sister and finished with her Rosie Bloom sandals.

Now this dress I was thinking of selling but when I put It on Claudia I liked it and now cannot decide.
I made a matching hat and will have to decide if It’s going on ebay or not.


  1. All indeed looking VERY SMART and casually cool ready for any play, sport or adventure. My lads are saying SNAP to a few of your boy's Summer gear. Luckily my lot sorted themselves out a month or so ago so I haven't got to see to them as well as the girls.
    Rather dreading changing all the Sashas as they are so particular as to what they will wear (dresses, shorts, jeggings, cropped leggings, skinny jeans, beach wear etc.) and always demand colour co-ordinating footwear so it becomes a mammoth task with many clothing/shoe boxes lying open and scattered throughout the whole bungalow for at least several days whilst they make up their minds. Give me my Gregors every time! Usually all sorted and done within a half hour.

    Paige looks casual and pretty and ready to join the lads for play whereas Claudia although she does suit that dress and hat it's for a more formal/special occasion or outing.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. The boys are looking good Dee! I have yet to finish dressing my Massive...obviously am letting Judith have too many rest breaks from her machine...have got to get her production figures up as I still have a few to dress...if you are reading this Judith...GET BACK TO SEWING :)