Sunday 29 July 2012


Today Hattie went with her Mum, Dad and Lillian to visit her Aunts and Uncles and cousins.

Lillian  stayed indoors listening to the sisters chatting and laughing.The family had got together to celebrate a 16th birthday. Hattie when off to see what her cousin had spent his birthday money on…

It was an old Mini which he is going to do up. Hattie was very impressed!.

” Oh I love this ” sighed Hattie practising her driving skills.

” This steering wheel is very big but I am sure I can manage” says Hattie with determination.

” Mmm I may need a booster cushion, so I can see clearly”

Mum comes out to see what Hattie is up to.
” Mum I want a Mini” says Hattie.
” You are too young to drive Hattie ” says Mum
” I know but I am going to save and buy one as soon as I am allowed ” States Hattie ” and I want a union jack painted on the roof ! ” she declares
” But what about Toby’s boarding school education? ” asks Mum smiling.

” Well Aunty Kendal says that he’ll be home almost as much as he’s away, which is no help what so ever ! She also said I would enjoy going to boarding School being so independent and I may but  that’s up to you!
 I have to start saving for my Mini! How much does it cost to have a union jack painted on the roof? I’ll need to factor the cost into price and then I need to work out how many hats I’ll need to Hattify to pay for all this …mm I may need to diversify…” Hattie goes back inside followed by her bemused Mother…


  1. Hattie has some expensive ideas and wish lists here. Going to need millions of hat sales me thinks so she might well need to diversify but I'm sure she'll think of means and ways already being so resourceful.

    Good spend of her cousin's birthday money and he has a twelve months in which to do the mini up ready for the start of his driving course next year... plus whilst doing this he will be learning so much about how a car works that should stand him in good stead for the rest of his life. He might even be able to do some of his future running repairs and save even more money. He seems to be a good forward thinking person like Hattie is.

    Please Hattie keep in touch with how things are going.
    Sasha love from 'Auntie' Kendal...who thought that you looked great behind the Mini's steering wheel.

  2. Love the Vee Dub in one of the photos...we have owned loads of VW Beetles in our youth (21 in fact!)