Friday, 27 July 2012


" Hello Hattie , you are just the person I need "
“I am?”
“Yes I need to take some photo’s of a couple of hats. You can be my model”
" Ok I need to ask you something anyway "

“Right Hattie stand there! Oh those boots look very hot for this weather, would you not prefer a pair of Jj sandals?"
" No thanks, I am quite cool in these” states Hattie
" Can you change hats please ” asks Mum.

“Is that one of mine? ” queries Mum

” Yes ” replies Hattie ” That’s what I wanted to talk about “

Mum nods at Hattie to carry on while she sorts out the hats to be photographed.
” See , I have added some pretty flowers and buttons" She shows mum the hat  "and I was thinking we could go into business together. You make the hats and I’ll give them ‘Hattitude’ with the flowers and buttons"
“That sounds like a good idea Hattie ” says Mum smiling " and what would you do with your share of the money? "
" I think that I would help Toby with his education “
Mum is very impressed at Hattie’s words ” That is so kind of you Hattie ! How would you help him ?”
Hattie smiles back at mum "I’d send him to boarding school until he’s 18"
Mum just manages to stop herself laughing ” I see ” she tries hard not to giggle ” You do know that he’ll have to come home for the holidays”
“What! ” cries Hattie ” Don’t they have to stay all year every year until they are released ..I mean finish at 18?”
" No” smiles Mum ” I do believe that they come home for long holidays. Maybe you could ask Kendal, she attended Boarding school"
Hattie decides to find out from Kendal  and hopes that Mum’s wrong!

Hattie model’s for Mum’s new hat photo’s but seems very quiet .

But Mum can hear her mind ticking over, she’s sure that Hattie has not given up on her plan at least not yet.
“Well thank you Hattie for being my model "
"Your welcome"
" What are you doing now Hattie?”

“I’m taking these boots off it’s far to hot to wear them ” She states
" Shall I get you a nice pair of JJ’s?”
" No I’ll wear Nate’s red sneakers, he won’t mind”..


  1. Love Hat's hat with the green flowers...very DEE-OR!! (Dior) :)

    1. Lol very clever! Nice to hear from you, I feared that Cooper had you trapped in the kitchen catering to his every whim ! or is Womble keeping you awake at night?? is Womble even still in residence???

  2. Ah! Cooper! We are trying to get him to walk outside on the lead...and failing miserably :)
    As for Womble he is still here, and wearing a new outfit I bought for him ( I am eyeing him up but he is safe for now)I have been so busy moving my son into his new flat by the sea so haven't been online much but am alive and kicking ...just :)

    1. PS...Are you putting hats like Hat's into production by any chance I like the shape of them and the flower trim...

    2. Yes , I will be selling this style with flowers and buttons. If you look on sale page you will see most of colours available in the cotton and I will list flower colours over weekend.

    3. Jolly Good! I need a little retail therapy :)

  3. Dear Hattie,
    Yes, I'm afraid to tell you that your Mum and Lorraine are right when they say that the children who go to boarding schools do have longer holidays. Usually they get three weeks (instead of the day schools two weeks) at Christmas and Easter and eight weeks instead of the usual six weeks, in the Summer. These extra weeks are a way to try to make up for the children not seeing their parents each day.

    My parents felt that going away to boarding schools would give us greater independence, allow us to stand on our own two feet and make our own decisions more easily in later life.
    Our holidays at home were like being in Heaven when we were somewhat spoilt, cosseted and loved to bits.

    For me being at school surrounded by my friends 24/7 and being right by the sea were my favourite parts. (I was given the choice of several schools to choose from as father believed giving me a choice would make me strive to do my best at all times....and he was right.)

    I'm sure that you Hattie would really enjoy going to boarding school as you already seem to be an independent thinking and fun loving girl with ideas and dreams of her own, so this might be another option worth considering instead of helping to pay towards Toby going.
    Sasha love from Kendal

  4. Thank you Aunty Kendal for telling me about boarding school. I dont think I'll send Toby because I want more value for my money! I want him to have to stay there as long as possible to stop him annoying me! But now I have another idea for my money!
    Love Hattie