Saturday, 21 July 2012


Edward is in the garden.

” What are you doing , Edward? ” asks Mossy
” I am replying to my critic’s” states Edward.
” Let’s show them what you have to put up with” Says Mossy.
“What a good idea Mossy ” Edward praises and the two go inside.

” This is the playroom after the children have left” says Edward.

The room is a mess of toys left out and not tidied away.

” The toys are bad enough but must they leave their empty drink carton’s and biscuit packets on the floor!”
” Yes ” pipes up Mossy ” Empty carton’s and biscuit……..are there any biscuits left?”
Edward gives Mossy a stern look, Mossy grins ” Just wondering”

They move on to one of the bedroom’s.
” Clothes and toys just thrown about, left for poor mum to clear up ” sigh’s Edward.
” Poor Mum ” echo’s Mossy

“And livestock just wandering about the house” says Edward scratching Nate’s pet pig behind his ear.
” Livestock ” echo’s Mossy

” Someone must have standard’s or where will the country be in years to come!” says Edward passionately ” If that make’s me appear grumpy then so be it ! “
“Grumpy” echo’s Mossy

” See dollmum..”
“Mossy !”
” See People .If he wants to be a right old grumpy panda then he can, He’s got Standards and he rest’s his case” declares Mossy tapping the case between them.
Edward roll’s his eyes ” That is not my case, Mossy and why am I resting someone’s case?” queries Edward
” Because they always rest the case ! “
” Who?”
“How would I know ! The people with cases ” states Mossy with all the knowledge of a bear that know’s very little. ” Come on let’s go back out side and finish the case “
” What case? ” asks Edward bewildered as they go back to the bench in the garden.

” Something’s missing ” mumbles Mossy ” I know! just wait there ” He rushes off and is soon back.” Put these on "

” Where did you get these glasses? I cannot see a thing!” grumbles Edward
” They belong to Ted , he always uses them to do his crossword and he’ll have a cross word when he see them missing ” giggles Mossy “Give them here ,you must be wearing them wrong if you cannot see “
Edward passes them to Mossy.

” It’s all gone fuzzy ! ” say Mossy trying to peer through the glasses ” I don’t know why he put these things on, they are making my head hurt! ” He takes them off and rubs his eyes.

” Are you happy now you have had a grumble…I mean rested your, his , her ,the, case?”
” Much to my surprise I do feel better for getting it off my chest”
” It was on your chest?” asks Mossy stunned ” Can I see? Please Please can I can I”
” You cannot see it ” states Edward, Mossy looks sad ” Because it’s just a phrase “
” Oh I see ” states Mossy sagely , he is totally confused but his stomach’s started rumbling ” Lets go get something to eat …Bamboo sandwiches for you and Honey for me”

” And We’ll both have NO crusts” declares Mossy ” We must have standards”
Edward gulps down the lump in his throat , at last he is making a difference.
” Yes ” continues Mossy ” I’ll eat my crusts later while we watch Paddington goes to town “
Edward roars with laughter . Startled Mossy grabs him and hurries him to the kitchen, worried he must be so hungry he’s lost his mind…

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  1. Absolutely WONDERFUl! Out of this world! The BEST story from Sasha Village EVER!
    This has made my day. Many, many thanks from Kendal.