Saturday 21 June 2014


On Wednesday we had two visitors to the village, an old friend and a new!
My sister Michelle came to visit and she brought Mitzi back to say hello to her old family and she also brought along Tegan who was doing some modelling of Michelle's latest ebay outfit.
While they were setting up in the garden , Edward was enjoying a cup of earl grey with another visitor.

"Can I be getting you anything else Edward ? " enquires Dougie

" No No !" says Edward with a smile " You have been so much help this week.Fetching and carrying !"

"Well you work so hard Edward and no one helps you !" says an amazed Dougie " They just expect you to do it all alone!"
Edward sighs " It's my own fault I always say It's fine but sometimes that extra pair of paws saves a lot of hard work.!"

"I could always stay and be your assistant !" offers Dougie
Edward thinks for a while , it would be most helpful to have another bear in the house who knows what he's doing!"I'll give it some thought Lad !"
Dougie goes away happily planning how he can help Edward with his jobs .

Edwards barely had a chance to drink his tea when Mossy appears " Shall I go an wake the others? " he asks
"No Dougie's already done it"
" Oh Shall I go and get you some more tea? " says Mossy helpfully
" No Thank you Dougie's already done it"
" Shall I go and get the newspaper from the village shop? "
" No Dougie's just on his way to get it" says Edward
Mossy starts to get annoyed " Shall I go see if the visitor's need anything or as DOUGIE already done that too!"

"Well yes he has!" says Edward "The lad's been very helpful this past week, I don't know what I would have done without him!"
Mossy grinds his teeth and walks away muttering " Dougie been so helpful Dougie such a nice lad Dougie Dougie Dougie's a pain in the A..."
"Mossy ? " questions Edward
" Nothing " shouts Mossy as he leaves the room " Just saying what a nice lad DOUGIE IS!!" and he storms off.....

 out in the flower garden Tegan is posing in the beautiful batik pink and brown dress with brown bolero that her mum is planning to list on ebay.

Hattie and Mitzi stand in the corner watching Tegan and catching up on all the gossip.

"Just look down please " Calls Michelle to Tegan who does as mum asks.

What a pretty girl Tegan is.

Michelle goes in for a close up now Tegan's removed the bolero.

" Just a couple more Tegan " says her mum Michelle " and then we are done!"

Then she's finished and walks over to talk to Mitzi and Hattie.

" Do you enjoy modelling ? " Asks Hattie
"Oh Yes " replies Tegan " I love it "
" Mitzi went to live with Aunty Michelle because she loves to model " says Hattie " I cannot see the attraction myself !"


"I'm telling you that Edward asked you to do this for him!" says an annoyed Mossy " So just settle down and I'll close the lid "

"So I'm to look after these bees and see they arrive safely at their destination? " questions Dougie looking up at Mossy " And Edward told you to ask me to do this for him? "

" YES" shouts Mossy beginning to lose his temper " Don't you believe me? "
Dougie near says No he does not but then thinks better of it ! " Yes I believe you " he replies " It's just it seems a long way to go and how do I get back ! "
' You don't ' mutters Mossy " It's all sorted don't worry! Now I'm going to shut the box, so it will be a little dark but you'll be there soon"

Mossy closes the box and then pushes it beside the other post waiting to go to the post office.

back out side..

"You could be a model " Tegan tells Hattie
Hattie laughs " Don't let this smocked dress fool you! I don't usually wear these sorts of clothes I just lost a bet with my mum!"
Mitzi tell's Tegan about Hattie's love of all things Helena!

Hattie asks Mitzi if she had enough of modelling and wants to come home?
" Oh No I love modelling and now Tegan's helping I get to rest more " says a happy Mitzi " I do miss everyone but I just love being in front of the camera "

" Well " says Hattie " as well as you are happy and enjoying yourself good " she smiles at her little sister " remember mum does miss you and you can always come home !"
" Thanks sis " say Mitzi

" Come over girls " calls Michelle " Let me take your photo together"

Hattie stands in the middle " What's that saying Dad uses when he stands between Mum and her sisters ? " asks Hattie " Oh I remember ! A rose between two thorns!" all the girls laugh and Michelle gets a beautiful photo of three laughing girls.

back inside...

Mossy goes to see Edward, He is feeling quite bad now the postman's been and taken the boxes including the one containing Dougie!
Edward is checking the bunting for holes and tears before folding it up.

" Have you seen Dougie? " asks Edward making Mossy jump guiltily ! " only he was going to help me check this bunting and fold it away!"
Edward looks up and can see a guilty look on Mossy's face " What have you done now? " asks Edward with a sigh.

Mossy turns away unable to look Edward in the eye " Nothing ! " he answers in a shocked voice " Why do you think I have done something!"
" Because " Edward smiles " I know that look of guilt on your face!"
Mossy stills in shock ! Edward knows!!

Edward goes back to his checking as Mossy starts talking " I did not do anything ! I was just going to say I saw Dougie climb into that box that had the tiny bees in it That's all!" he finishes indignantly !

"Oh " says Edward quietly " I was hoping he'd stay a little longer but no worries He could not miss Lora's birthday "
Mossy asks " Lora? My Lora? My number one fan Lora? "
" Yes " answers Edward continuing with his checking " Dougie was only here for a moment before going on his way to Lora's. Ginny and the Village clan were sending him for her birthday!"
Mossy is in shock  "My Lora? " he whispers
" Yes your Lora , she may decide Dougie will be her favourite bear, him being so helpful and not at all vain !"

Shocked Mossy throws his hands up "What have I done!" he cries
"Indeed " says Edward....



  1. Oh dear, Mr. Mossy, you are a Silly Billy, aren't you? But we love you.
    Angelina and Connor xxx

    1. Whose's this silly billy? That Dougie was trying to take my rightful place as Edwards right paw bear! But now he's off to see my number one fan!! :(
      Love Mossy xx

  2. I just adore these kind of posts of yours!

    Guess that that will serve poor Mossy right for being jealous of Dougie and his kind and helpful nature.

    Love the different take with the use of the cell phone of Tegan's modelling of the dress and bolero to be listed on eBay.

    1. Thanks Kendal.
      That Mossy is very jealous of his place as Edwards right Paw bear! Lucky Dougie was supposed to be off to Lora's, only time will tell if Dougie pushes Mossy out of her affections!!
      I believe that's actually Michelle's camera ! they are so small these days!
      Dee xx
      ps if you liked this you should like tomorrows........or could be later tonight....

    2. Will definitely be watching out for it then!

  3. Oh what a lovely post.....two stories in one really, and that's double nice!!! I think Teagan is gorgeous, her hair and eyes are so beautiful, no wonder she makes such a great model at Michelles house. And little Mitzi, such a sweetie! I can't get used to Hattie in her more 'girlie' gear but I guess I'll have to!!! She's a lovely girl though, regardless of what she's wearing (which is a pretty dress all the same!).
    As for the bears, that Mr Mossy is a naughty little fellow and one of these days he'll get his comeuppance if he's not careful!!! Poor little Dougie, I hope there are holes in the box so that he can breath on his journey!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon. I agree Tegan is lovely .Michelle is making some lovely beautifully fitted batik dresses at the moment, I'm getting very tempted!!
      Mr Mossy is being quite naughty at the moment but I am sure he'll start behaving soon...I hope!!
      And it a well know fact bears have a special way of breathing due to sometimes being squashed in bed by their owners!
      Hugs Dee xx

  4. Tegan is stunning Dee! I love her hair pulled back with the full bangs and blonde streaking. A very nice story too and thank you for a lovely post :) xxx