Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Today the no navel blondes got to change into some beautiful smocked dress by the lovely Lesley of Special delivery on E bay.

First up is Ashley wearing a lovely yellow dress with tiny red dots and smocking.

A closer view.

She is wearing Rosie Bloomfield shoes in pale yellow.

You can see that the sun was shining over on the left, it's been s lovely day, quite windy at times.

Ashley is one of only two of my no navels with the full eye paint.

Next is Agnetha  wearing a beautiful deep blue and green smocked dress.

A closer look at her pretty face.

What's not to like about these girls?

Bathed in the sunlight.

Her shoes are by Lisa Hartley.

Next we have Sansa my only brown eyed blonde.

She does have such a sweet look to her.

Sansa is wearing Jean Jensen shoes and Gill socks.

Sansa's hair is lovely and soft and I love how her fringe falls away to the side.

A closer look.

All the girls together .

From the left we have Sansa, Agnetha and Ashley.

Sansa's now moved into the middle between her two blue eyed sisters.

A head and shoulders view of the girls.

So that's now all the no navel girls changed into pretty smocked dresses ready for the summer which appears to be arriving!
So Seven no navel girls! have no idea how that happened when I only wanted one of each hair colour but I do find these girls addictive....



  1. ......and knowing you and your love of these No-navels I can't see it stopping at only seven!

    It's looking like the Village Trend, for the No-navel girls at least, during the Summer months is going to be 'smocked dresses'.

    I was pleased to see the photo where Sansa had decided to move into the middle position in amongst her two blue eyed sisters. To my eye, much more balanced.

    This is proving to be a favourite place for the photos pf late and it also allows me to be watch the Carnations rapidly coming into bloom.

    1. You could be right! I cannot resist these gorgeous girls!! :) I had on thought it but yes it looks like smocked dresses are trending in the village this summer!
      I too preferred Sansa in the centre, the pot with the Pinks are sitting on a little patio table that is in just the perfect spot and height for photo's, so you'll probably see them grow and increase through the summer!!

  2. Forgot to mention that I think that Ashley is from 1969 and Sansa and Agnetha are 1970 girls. Anyone else agree?

    1. Thanks for the info, I will take a note :)

  3. Oh my, these three blonde girls are gorgeous and so beautifull dressed. I do not have a no navel in my Sasha family but wish I did. I am learning alot from your posts Dee and I appreciate Kendal's help with their birth dates! Wonderful photos :) xx

    1. Thank you Ginger, I so love smocked dresses :) And of course the no navel's ! I am glad we may be swaying you towards these beautiful girls :))
      We have a No Navel club open to all NN mothers :))

  4. I can't believe how far behind I am! Lovely post again Dee, these smocked dresses are so beautiful. I'm working from latest post to oldest, so am probably repeating myself, but these are just so lovely, they're worth seeing several times!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment :) It's always nice to her what people think.
      Hugs Dee xx