Thursday 26 June 2014


I was minding everyone's business and looking at ebay, Sasha dolls and clothes , when I saw a BIN for a slate eyed waif.
I had a good look at her and put her in my watching....I had another iron in the fire, so should not really have been looking.
Well half an hour or so later I returned to find her still waiting for someone to buy her, so I had another look the price was very good and I had been wanting a slate eyed waif, so before I could think twice I pressed the button!!

The seller was lovely and ensured she arrived very quickly and with no added costs!

She arrived today ( Monday ) and these are the photo's I took before her hair wash.She has a very small dent on her forehead just above her right eye and another in her left foot.

Her hair's been cut by a determined little barber!.

More a short top and leave the sides!!

But she's got such a sweet little face that the rest does not matter. I wanted a waif to either shorten the hair or remove it and wig her.

So here she is after her hair wash and brush just chilled while it dries.

I will wait and see what her hair looks like once it's dry and she's been dressed. She was a very good price but is the hair left worth saving and having the added cost of a re rooted front? or do I go with complete removal and wigging for now?  Only time will tell..and the call of the scissors......scream!!!

Well it's amazing what a hair wash and a change of clothes can do to a Sasha!

She's been wearing her hat while her hair dried and it's helped her 'comb over! ' sit over the cut area.

She does have a lot of hair but I'm not sure now good it is.

Her comb over !!!

What a lovely girl she is now she just needs a name while she awaits her fate!!

Oh and she's going to have to have her lips paint removed, she cannot go through life with only half her lips painted!!

She's not told me her name yet but maybe she's whispering it? Can you hear anything???



  1. Congrats Dee, she's really very sweet and I don't blame you for pushing that old BIN button!!! I'd have probably done the fact I did do the very same, didn't I! And my girl arrived today but I won't get to see her until tomorrow.
    This little girl is really pretty though and even though she's a bit cropped on top, you'd not know it from the comb over photos, well not really anyway. It looks perfect with her hat too. And that's a lovely dress you've chosen for her debut. I think you made a good choice there. As for whether she will get a tuppenny all off, I'd say to see how it goes. When I took my Lyrics hair off, it really was awful and snapping off everywhere, it wasn't like your girls thick looking hair at all!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon, I was a little worried because her face looked very shiny on one side but, it was just the light in the photo.
      Her is much better than I thought but will wait and see! She may yet get a re root on top! Which means I still have wigs and no Sasha to wear them!! lol
      Hugs Dee xxx

  2. We can never seem to resist the call of a waif can we?
    I had (and still have) a Gotz waif very similar to this with regards to her hair (although with a much shorter overall length) and kept her like this for years until one day needing a doll to wear my selection of wigs.
    Love and enjoy her as she has a really sweet look and good luck with whatever you decide to do with her hair.

    1. Thank you Kendal, I love your wigged girl and was hoping that I would have a waif here that would be suitable but she may have good enough hair to have a re root ..will just need to live with her a while before deciding!!

  3. WHAT A LITTLE DARLING! These slate eyed kids are beginning to ask me to run a new branch of the Bryn Derw Sasha Home For Waifs and Orphans, just for them.
    Emailing to ask you about them!
    Jenni xx

    1. Thanks Jenni. Yes you should start up a branch of the Bryn Derw Sasha home for Waifs and Orphans, slate eyed house and don't forget the No Navel house too!

      Dee xx

  4. What a gorgeous little girl Dee! Congratulations! She has such a look of innocence - almost an Alice in wonderland look when she takes her hat off on the garden table. What a sweetie!
    Carol L

    1. Thanks Carol. I was very lucky with my BIN, she'll probably be keeping the hair and having a few re roots put in...when time and money allow...may even have a go myself!!!!!