Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Today Sunday we had the opportunity to visit the gardens on the Ashridge estate. Violet and Sapphire were over the moon to have a chance to wander round these lovely gardens.

We parked along side the building and the first garden we came to was the Italian Garden.

The house is used for many things, including Weddings and Christening. There was a christening party today. Croquet equipment was waiting on the grass to be put in place.

The twins were very impressed with the Oak tree planted by Queen Victoria!.

The girls had insisted on wearing their gardening clothes and boots in case the Estate gardeners needed any help!

" Wow" says Violet " What a lot of roses!"
" Yes " agrees Sapphire " Lets go look!"

" This path may be something Dad could copy? " muses Violet checking it out while Sapphire studies the roses at the side.

A little while later Violets shouting " Mum ! Mum ! Look at me!"

" No Mum ! Mum Look over here at me!" Sapphire starts calling !

"Well what beautiful roses round the fountain " says Mum smiling " You look like a pair of pretty statues!"

Sapphire keeps perfectly still pretending she's a statue!

"I'm a statue too! " whispers Violet trying to keep still like her sister.

"That was fun" they chime together meeting in the middle " Where shall we go next? "

"Well " says Sapphire " We have four paths to chose from!"
" In that case" Violet laughs " Lets go this way !" and she runs off closely followed by her sister.

The paths are very long for such tiny feet

"I'm tired " says Sapphire hanging back
" Come on " encourages Violet " I'm sure there's a bench round here somewhere! "

"Look There!" says Violet " Quick it's empty come on Saff!" and they start running.

Soon the girls are resting and talking about all the lovely roses.

" I wonder if Dad would let us have a rose garden like this? " says Saffy
" It's way too big " replies Violet " it would take up almost all our garden! "
" That's a shame " sighs Saffy

They soon get their second wind and are off exploring the garden again.They arrive at the rock garden and sapphire stands beside a large plant.

"How much bigger than me is it? " she asks her sister

Violet studies it and answers " You'd need at least three of the boys standing one on top of each other with you at the bottom!"
"Wow!" gasps Sapphire

They come to the gates of an underground tunnel but they are locket due to the roof needing to be repaired.

They can see light at the end " Oh why does it have to be shut" Violet complains!

To be continued....



  1. What a lovely treat for your two Sasha gardeners to visit such beautiful gardens. I'm sure that they will come away with plenty of inspirations to hopefully incorporate into the Sasha Village.

    The twins certainly looked the part (and definitely 'ready, willing and able' should they be asked to help!) and were photographed in amongst some wonderful scenery and settings.

    1. The girl's loved walking round and seeing all the lovely different places in the garden and I am sure they have lots of idea's some of what may be too big for here!

  2. Oh what a lovely story! I enjoyed seeing the twins in the rose gardens and I think they could perhaps do something in miniature in their own garden, after all you can get those tiny little roses, can't you? now that would be lovely!!! I think they were right to wear their gardening clothes because you just never know when you might be called on to lend a hand, do you?
    I did like the two of them trying to keep nice and still so that they could be statues....such sweet little twinnies!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. I have found a possible small plot for the twins :) don't know how much they will be able to do with it but we'll see!
      It was a lovely day just right for taking photo's :)
      hugs Dee xx

  3. Lovely, lovely post Dee! The twins are just wonderful in their garden outfits. What an amazing place Ashridge Estate is--such beautiful gardens. The gate photo is interesting too. I bet you had a great day there with the twins. So nice to see them :) xx

    1. Thank's Ginger, it was a great place to explore and take photo's, with lots of interesting places. They are in the process of repairing and putting the garden back in order, so will be a good place to visit again next year once they have refurnished it .
      :) xx

  4. YAY! Blogger is behaving again and i can read your post.

    What a wonderful venue. The twins may ot have been called on to advise the gardeners there, but I'm sure they picked up some great ideas for their own plot. Do I feel a very large oag tree in the future of The Village grounds? Perhaps Kendal's suggestion of a rose garden might be better.

    Jenni (and Bertie, who seems determined to have my attention today) xx

    1. Yep Mine is back too!!
      The twins are full of ideas and hoping to use lots of them! unfortunately for them their plot is very small so they will have to be creative!!
      Dee xx, what's that Bertie up to now?? :)