Saturday, 21 June 2014


On Thursday Gill , Paul and myself went to visit Steve and James in London.After a good old natter we made Steve get all his Sasha's out of the cupboard so we could inspect them and take their photo's!.

First up is the most gorgeous girl he owns. Just perfect !.

Here is a view from the side. Doesn't she look gorgeous ! the other three are not bad either.

This is Steve's NP boy Frederick .

Here we have Clarissa and Alexandra.

Phoebe here does have a lovely set of peepers!!

This is a photo of the others waiting their turn in the spot light!!

Herbert wonders how long it's all going to take!! Zoe just stands in deep thought!

I'm taking photo's when up walks Reuben!
"Hello Ladies " he says politely
They continue to preen for the camera's.

" I said HELLO Ladies!" Reuben shouts ! Suddenly all eyes are on him.
" Oh " says Alexandra " It's that strange little bear , Where have you been ? I have had to get my own lunch for ages!"
" Yes " Says Phoebe " I have had no one to make my bed and fetch my books!"

" So " asks Reuben " You have missed me!"
" Well not really " says Catherine " It's just been so annoying having to pick up after ourselves! "

"And what about you lot! Have you missed me ? "  Chloe looks guilty while Millicent just looks uninterested!

"Well!" asks Phoebe " Where have you been? The Maldives? Cannes? Monte Carlo?"
" The Sasha Village !" say Reuben
" The Sasha Village ? " questions Catherine " Is that on the French Riviera ? or further North? "
" It's in Hertfordshire " Says Reuben, rolling his eyes
" Hertfordshire? don't you mean Herefordshire up next to  Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds!"
" No I mean Hertfordshire just outside London to the North!"

Catherine looks over at Phoebe " I think that's where the people who don't have a lot of money but think they do live!"
" Oh like the people who live in Clapham and call it Claam!! " the girls giggle
Reuben is starting to get annoyed with these silly NP girls. " I live with Hattie and Mrs Mum and lots of other Sashas and Grgegor's who are nice people "

" What's a Mrs MUM? " questions Phoebe
" I believe he means Mrs Mother " she looks at Reuben " Don't you Reuben "

Disgusted Reuben turns away " No I do not mean Mrs Mother! " He growls " I mean Mrs Mum a lovely lady who knows how to treat a bear and give him honey sandwiches not make him fetch and carry!"
" Well how Strange " says Clarissa the no nose girl

" I bet you don't even know how to give a bear a hug!"
" What's a hug ? " ask Frederick " Is it like a rug and goes on the floor? "
"GRRRRRH " growls Reuben pushing his way past them and hurrying off !

" Has he gone? " Asks Alexandra " Yes !  Gor blimey that Hattie owes us big time!
I thought I was gonna swallow that bleeding plum in me marth! "
" Alex !" says Clary
" Oops sorry love! " says Alex " But that was Ble..I mean very hard work! and where on earth is the Cotswolds when it's at home? "

Thankfully Reuben's long gone and cannot hear all the dropped and added H's!!

My favourite girl .....Yes....... that's correct the beautiful red haired single fringe 68 girl. I would not turn down an NP   but the 68 girls are far and away my personal favourites.

Reuben's found Robin and seeing his distress , Robin's placed him in his hood to rest.

Later Frederick comes to find Robin and Reuben
" Hi Fred ,,I mean Frederick " says Robin remembering that Reuben's resting in his hood
" Hello Robin " says Fred " I like your bear Reuben "
" Oh he's not mine !" says Robin
" Yes I AM !" says a voice from his back

" He is Hattie's " continues Robin the voice behind  pipes up " Yes that's right ! I am Hattie Bonham Carter Owen's and don't you forget it !"
Fred whispers to Robin " She sounds right posh !"
"She most certainly is NOT!" says Reuben indignantly " She's as common as muck and don't you forget it!"
"REUBEN!" says Robin in disbelief
Realising what he's just said Reuben tries to save the situation " What I mean is she's a nutter I No I mean she's got strange ways..." He tries to think... " ar I mean she's ...she's   ..... " he digs Robin in the back and whispers " help me!" Grinning Robin says " Hattie , she's one of a kind!"
"YES!" yells Reuben nearly deafening Robin " That's it SHE is one of a KIND! not some old NP two a penny Sasha " And I would not leave her for any old NP for love nor money! .So clear off!"
"Reuben!" says Robin then apologises to Fred " It's been a long day for him "
Fred knowing full well what they did to the poor little bear smiles and says " It's such a shame as I was wanting a bear that knows about hugging! never mind " he smiles at Robin and walks off.....

Reuben sits in stunned silence , an NP that wanted him! and one of them rare to find boys! Quick I must call him back, he starts to get up then stops , If he goes and becomes that Frederick's bear what will happen to Hattie? Someone has to try and get that child to conform! well at least some of the time! and what about Anastacia the ballet dancing bear, who would she make her little Russian fairy cakes for, if he was not there to eat them? Some other bear! WHAT! those are his Russian fairy cakes!! He sits back down in Robin's hood, he's got plenty of time to find an NP but first he's got things to do!
Strangely once he's decided to stay with Hattie, he feels himself relaxing and the stiffness from his shoulders fading. He is so tired...he closes his eyes and drifts to sleep.....


This is Steve's only older slate eyed girl.wearing a lovely Vintage Sasha outfit.

Not ONE, not TWO But THREE single fringe girls!!! Just gorgeous! Love love love these girls and they look so sweet in their blue to white dresses.If you offered me one NP or these three girls, I'd take these three!

We just have to have a closer look at these girls.

Steve has two sets of early Caleb's and Cora's.

This Yamka is one of the earlier ones and therefore has a wispier fringe which does look good. This is the first of these Sasha's that I have actually liked the look of. Gill loved her.

Steve had this great poster and this gorgeous single fringe Red head..... :)

A couple of later Gotz girls!!

He also has this sweet little baby re root by Lisa Hartley.

I took a couple of photo's of Steve and James garden which was full of colour.

Looking back at their Gorgeous High conservatory which I just love, very envious! Now want my garden room even more than before !!

One side of the beautiful conservatory.

The other side.

Well we had such a great time we were late leaving and hit all the evening traffic but that's what happens when you visit with friends!

Many thanks to Steve and James for a great day , wonderful food and conversation, despite that cheeky Steve saying he thought I was older than Paul!!! Thank you for the dresses you gave Gill and me for our Sasha's , they are lovely.

Now I need more Single fringe girls, my garden room and the money for both! So I am off to buy my lottery ticket.... you have got to be in it to win it!!

I must confess that I named Steve's Sasha's for the purpose of the story part of this post.


  1. Sigh! Reuben tamed. Oh dear,I will quite miss his pompous, NP seeking ways. It's the end of an era.

    Lovely Sashas, Steve and what a beautiful home they allow you and James to share with them!

    1. I don't think he is tamed yet! I think he is just starting to relax and go with the flow.....
      Did you hear that James!! The Sasha are letting you share the house... :)


  2. I just love Steve's girls, I can feel another Sasha or two coming on!!!
    Gill xx

    1. I Know! It's terrible ! but even worse for me, I'm now planning my Garden room!!! :) xx

  3. Thank you Dee for showing some of my Sasha's and Gregors on your blog spot. It was great catching up with you, Gill and Paul last Thursday, we must do it again soon! xxx

    1. Thank you Steve for allowing me to show off your beautiful Sasha's and home, now when are you next on holiday Gill and me feel we should free a certain few abandoned Sasha's... :)xxxx

  4. How wonderful to be able to catch another glorious glimpse of Steve's SUPERB dolls. A truly rare treat!
    Having seen them altogether in a group here, like you, my favourite would be the Fringe red headed Dungaree girl. She has such a soft look about her.....(rather like my Dungaree waif with the bobbed hair..... although mine has the darker skin tone.)

    Of his four NP girls my favourites are the Ballet and 'Jeans' girls. My Kristina eye painted' blonde has that same straight flat lying fringe too. Quite a co--incidence don't you think?

    I hadn't realised either that he has so many still in their original clothing. I know that they were ALL in them at one stage....but thought that was long gone and that he was now enjoying re-dressing them.

    Loved how Hattie had obviously previously schemed with his NP's to finally turn Reuben off wanting one for HIS Little Miss.....well for the present time anyway!

    The two sets of Coras and Calebs look stunning. I keep on being tempted by these first black dolls, buy, then struggle to find suitable clothing for them to wear and finally often disappointed with the way they photograph.... and so sell on again.

    That dress on Yamka is just the perfect colouring and style for her.

    If I had a choice of choosing one of the three gorgeous blonde Fringe girls I'd go for the one on the right in the white dress, then the one on the left and thirdly the one in the middle.....though I adore her OOAK Ruthsdoll's checked smocked dress.

    Cute little Ollie in his DD's!
    Would almost 'die for' (well there'd be no point in actually doing the deed!) that RARE and unusual Frederick!

    Delightful back garden and love the Summer house, shed and wooden planter's paint colour.

    1. Lol Kendal he said you would complain that he still had some of his girls in their original clothes!! His beautiful Fringe girls were redressed, in fact he even gave me the dress off one of them! I did ask if it could come with the single fringe red ! but he insisted she was his favourite!!

      We had such a great time chatting we nearly forgot all about the Sasha's!!

  5. Oh! Forgot to mention that I love your one and only slate eyed girl especially in her VS grey/white two piece!

    1. We all love that girl ! she is so pretty especially in that Sarah outfit.

  6. Oh my goodness, what can I say! A sheer feast for the eyes with all these gorgeous Sashas (and Gregors too of course) at Steves house! I'm so jealous because I wanna gooooooo tooooo! It looks like you had a really great day there and I really like Steves garden and conservatory, very nice.
    And as for his beautiful Sashas, I have to agree that the three single fringe girls are my absolute favourite......if I'd known he had them I might have had to hold his Blythe ransom here until he sent one for a holiday in Spain! LOL....only kidding Steve!!!! But they are incredibly beautiful. Of the three, I would NOT be able to pick a favourite because I love ALL of them. I really think they are dreamy and their eyes are to die for! Please bring them to the Chat n Snap Steve, so that I can see them 'in the flesh' so to speak!!
    I also like the Cora and Calebs and like Kendal am tempted to go for an older Cora should one pop up for sale within my budget. But also like Kendal, I worry that they'd be hard to photograph, and as that is a big part of me enjoying the dolly hobby, I might struggle with that. I guess the only way to know of course, is to get one.....or go and visit Steve and play with his girls!!! LOL!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your dolls Steve, and for photographing them, Dee, such a beautiful post!
    And finally, Reuben is just such a sweetie.....I LOVE him!!!!!!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. And it was!! Steve just kept passing them out of the display cupboard and they just kept coming one gorgeous girl after another!!
      I am of a mind that I should have all three blondes and the single red haired single fringe girl come live here when he's had enough of them.... :)
      I have had a cora and a caleb both beautiful dark early 70 dolls and the boy especially was very hard to photograph so in the end I sold them both on but I do miss the boy he was so lovely and petite and mint ...sigh
      Reuben , maybe he is starting to mellow? maybe.......
      hugs Dee xxx