Monday 5 June 2017


So it's the fifth of JUNE already! So time for all your lovely doll shelf photos.

Jane sent in this great photo of her girls and a little Natterer boy all in their lovely cable sweaters, it arrived a little late for May's shelves, so they are appearing in Junes. I just hope those children have managed to remove those sweaters now it's warming up!

Ursula sends in Baby who is loving the new rocking horse while her brother Mikey makes do with riding Lions!

Harriet and Annie are standing on top of the new wardrobe, ready to leap into action should any new clothes appear so they get first dibs!

Lastly Ursula's been very good and not added any new Sasha's but just a couple of new dogs for her children.

Jenni's girl insisted they wanted their shelf photo out in the fresh air, then were worn out walking to find the perfect spot ! Only Ellory remained standing , Gerda, Liesel and Bronwen.

From Switzerland we have one of Karin's girls enjoying some time in the garden.

and another doing a little sunbathing.

Jane S send us her dolls getting ready to go pond dipping! I love their little jar ready for their finds!

In the village the girls are insisting on standing on the dresser! They say there is more room!

They could be right! I wonder how many I could get in a row?

Wren where are your shoes? I only just found them ! Maybe tomorrow had best be national shoes and socks day !  in the village at least!

Many thanks to all who have sent in photos There is still room for plenty more.



  1. I always enjoy seeing these photos. Many thanks for having Doll Shelves Day on the 5th of every month.

  2. A great start to the month of June, my month actually! I would have sent you a photo or two Dee but am really behind with taking photos, well except for some that I took yesterday...but they're not shelf ones, just 'out and about' ones.
    Anyway, a lovely bunch of shelf photos :)

  3. Looks like Spring is agreeing with everyone. I love the way Ursula's doggie is looking up at the rocking horse. Dee, your girls are looking lovely as always, although it appears that Homepride Fred is trying to get in on the action as well. At least he's not as cheeky about it as that gargoyle.

  4. What a really lovely set of shelf photos for June!
    The first one with Jane's girls in their knitted cable sweaters reminded me that, that Golden Hands jumper pattern was the very first jumper that I ever had knitted for my Sasha Dolls in 1996. The first one was in lilac (though this turned out to be rather on the large side), so my loical Sasha friend readjusted the scale/tension before knitting the second in cream and then a third in light blue.

    Like how Karin's girl's purple pinafore matches the trailing Petunias in the planter behind and the same with the photo below with her sunbathing Sasha in one of Petrana's dresses.

    How lovely to see Jenni's group out in the fields enjoying our recent beautiful Spring.

    Bet the Ursula's delightful girls are thoroughly enjoying their two new puppies. It was also interesting to see the Sasha doll size differences in her second photo between an early petite Frido/Trendon brunette girl and the later 1980s doll. (That's a dear little pink shirt type ra-ra dress.)
    I've always felt that this make and style of rocking horse is absolutely perfect for our baby Sashas.

    Love the 'going fishing' photo of Jane S and I'm pretty sure that my Brood have a fishing net and a little jar like that somewhere here! Must try to find it.

    ....and last, but definitely not least, your group of girls in their smart Ruthsdolls double smocked row dresses. (Interesting here to see the changes that Ruth made with her later, longer designs...although I still prefer the earlier, shorter, fuller skirted dresses.) The bnew Welsh Dresser is getting some extra use already!
    I do hope that Wren's naughty mummy finds her some shoes to wear very soon (especially as it isn't as though the Sasha Village is short on footwear!)

    Wishing everyone who has a birthday in June a very happy day and a wonderful warm and sunny month for everyone to enjoy.

  5. Wonderful photos, everyone.

    Dee, I do love your girls in their Ruth's Dolls dresses. That style always been my favourite of Ruth's. Their JJ shoes are gorgeous. I kept mssing them when Jean was making them. She was amaster at finding beautiful leathers that Sasha Mums would like, not to mention her unsurpassed skill at actually making the shoes up.

    Thanks again for showing us pics of the wonderful Sashas and Gregors, Dee.

    Jenni x

    PS 'Angelo's Papa - could we see Angelo here sometime please? He's such a handsome, photogenic boy!

  6. I do love to see the monthly shelf photos........they are always so inspiring!