Thursday 22 June 2017


A lovely lady, Jan Jillson , in the USA donated three dolls to the Chat N Snap, for the raffle.
One was an almost minty Gregor , whose hair alas is falling but he is a lovely boy.

I decided to buy the boy an outfit I'd seen on ebay because it came with a pair of trainers and I thought he'd then at least have a pair of shoes.
It arrived the other day and today I finally had a chance to try it on him.

This is the shirt ! To say it's got room to grow is an understatement! It looks like he's been in his dad's wardrobe and snitched a shirt!

I decide to see if it would fit Spike.

 and it does, Spike is also wearing the shorts that came with the set! They did fit the Gregor, in the waist ,  but were baggy and long ! The trainers are also on the big size but thankfully not so big that they won't do.

So now I'm going to search my Gregor clothes for a t shirt and shorts or cords for the poor boy ! and since that involves moving more half a dozen boxes , I'll be posting about his new outfit another day.

I also bought an outfit for my Sasha's that came with some shoes plus I'd also bought some shoes separately.

These are the shoes on the left of the photo on Ashley. The seller took offence when I said in my feedback that although the shoes fit Sasha they looked big at the front.

I also said that the shoes fit the Wichtel dolls, which they do as they have wide feet at the front.

The Sasha shoe in the centre. Personnelly it was for me, at least good, they fit the Wichtels as they can wear them also. But for me these shoes look too big in the front for Sasha and sellers should be prepared to take honest feedback from their customers!



  1. At least you are honest! I too, would have been extremely disappointed when they turned up...still at least you could make use of them and Spike looks rather good in them!!

  2. I often look on ebay for shoes for Ezri as I don't want the navy pumps to get any more scuffed, but some of the shoes are not shown on a Sasha dolls feet so I don't know if they would be to big or to small. I think the shirt and shorts look great on Spike :)

  3. Thank you so much for honest feedback. I might have wasted my money otherwise! You at least had Spike who could benefit from the oversize design *phew*

    And I think the shoes are oversize for Sasha too.

  4. Seeing slim dolls in huge mary jane shoes or clothes with growing room drives me nuts! It's not as though they need growing room, is it? Not all dolls are toddlers or those of the variety that have eaten too many burgers to be healthy! Whilst it IS difficult to buy well-fitting shoes for Sashas that are not handmade and therefore expensive, it is dishonest to pretend the wide fitting ones do fit properly.

    Other pet hates of mine are huge, human-sized buttons on doll clothes and lumpy strips of velcro, even if it is on children's play doll clothing. When did grown ups decide that children were too stupid to do up buttons or press-studs? How on earth did we poor children of days gone by manage? And when did adults also lose the skill of buttoning clothing up? I'm one handed now, but can mange mini buckles, buttons and snaps if I take my time, thank you very much! (Oops - am I getting a little grumpy here? Sorry! But this is to me what falling hair on a G-O-T-Z sasha would be to our own Simply Sasha! Hee hee.)

  5. PS - I LOVE the boy with falling hair and also Spike - so glad they are both in The Village, even if Mr. Nude is only a temporary resident.

  6. It's a very compelling argument for having dolls in different sizes. On a number of occasions I've bought things that turned out to be too big on the Gregor boys, but they fit Anthony (vice-versa too). I like Mr. Birthday Suit's lovely, big brown eyes. He'll be a wonderful boy for some lucky person.

    1. As if we really need an excuse to bring home another one, eh, Daddy Steve? ..... But I will now have another reason to offer up to my husband as to why I needed to order the two new boys that I have on layaway. Thank you for this great suggestion!

  7. I wouldn't be happy if that outfit had turned up here for a Gregor to find it that big, because I'd not have had another big boy to wear it, so I agree that sellers should be prepared to accept truthful feedback. I've seen a lot of people selling outfits that they say fit both Kidz n Cats dolls AND Sashas, but my KnC girl is quite a bit bigger than my Sashas so I'm not sure where the people are getting their measurements from....I suspect that it might be a ploy to pull in more potential buyers.
    But your big boy suits the outfit well :)
    As for the shoes, they are waaay too large at the front aren't they! Definitely room for their feet to grow!