Monday 19 June 2017


I wanted to take a few photo for the blog yesterday and reached for the closest dolls only to find that three of them were wearing the double smocked Ruth Hartley dresses that I'd managed to get secondhand this year!

So I searched out the fourth and took them outside for a photo shoot!..

From the left Belle, Caitlin, Violet and Ashley.


Violet and Ashley

Belle and Caitlin

Belle and Caitlin are wearing Rose Bloomfield shoes, Violet is wearing Ruth Hartley and Ashley Jean Jensen.

Caitlin decided to sit in front of Violet and Ashley for a photo.

Then Ashley made her move over and joined Caitlin sitting down while Belle took Ashley's place.

A closer view of the four.

Caitlin and Ashley both No Navel girls.

Violet a 1980's Velvet and Belle a 1968 single fringe girl.

Are you two girls thinking of getting up any time soon?

Is this better ?   Yes thank you .

Mum should we do a beauty pageant ? asks Caitlin
" Why? I ask " do you want world peace? "
" I want a nice long dress and a crown " replies Caitlin
" And world peace " pipes in Ashley
" Oh yeah and that too!" agrees Caitlin

"Well you'd have to parade up and down in your swimwear " I say
" Up and down .. " Says Caitlin in an appalled voice " in front of people? "
"Yes "
" In that case no thanks I'll save up and buy my own crown !"

" Or you could marry a Prince!" says Belle
" What marry a BOY! No thanks I'll save up " says Caitlin shuddering , with all the experience of her eight years of living with her brothers !

We'll leave them there as the others start listing Princes and their castle's and their Dragons... yes Dragon's... sorry for any Princes reading this but if you don't have a Dragon please don't apply!




  1. Beautiful girls and a beautiful evening :) x

  2. You picked a lovely group of girls to showcase these wonderful dresses. I've always felt the Velvet girls were a bit underappreciated as Sasha's go. I love their looks - such beautiful hair and eyes. Great poses here. Ruth really is the last word in smocked dresses, isn't she?

    1. Thanks Steve. I've always loved the Velvets. I have two my twins :) Violet and her twin Sapphire, they intend to be gardeners when they grow up and help around our garden here.
      Ruth's makes lovely smocked dresses :)

  3. Lovely girls and these RH dresses are in one of my favourite styles.
    I agree with Steve The Gregor Daddy - Velvet dolls are lovely. My little Iri stands by my bed, despite the majority of the dolls being packd away he is special.

    1. Thanks Jenni, Mine too! :) I'm always trying to buy the older ones she made if I see them in time.
      I love the Velvets, I've often been tempted to turn my twins into triplets! lol x

  4. These earlier double row Ruthsdoll's smocked dresses are imo so much nicer than her later longer, less fuller designs. Does any other collector agree with me?
    Do you still do any personal requests or are you just too busy with the house and garden renovations and upkeep as I'd love to see a few changes in the footwear here.
    1.Could Velvet give her lace up shoes and socks to Ashley as they were originally intended.
    2.Could Caitlin give her brown Rosiebloom sandals to Velvet.
    3. Could Ashley give her JJ sandals, with some socks added, to Caitlin.
    Not to worry if you haven't the time but would be very interested in seeing a later photo with these changes.

    1. I like both lengths of these dresses myself. But I do love the style and the fabric's she used to make them.
      I will try to get your request sorted with regard to the shoes changing soon :)

    2. Oh, thanks! 'Wouldn't that be lov-e-ly' for ME!

  5. Charlie is devastated! He was on the go to ask Caitlin if he could give her a crown, but the poor boy is short of a dragon. Well we'll look again, maybe he'll find one, in this household much bigger things have been lost.
    Your girls certainly know how to bring life and fun into an otherwise boring photo shoot! Good posing, girls!

    1. Tell Charlie not to give up hope, you know how changeable girl's can be at this age! Personally I'd offer her a stuffed dragon and see if that did the job!
      Keeping them all together is a feat in it's self! so many times they try to wander off!

  6. A beautiful quartet! Ruth H makes such beautiful clothes and they look so smart together on your girls.

    1. Thanks, yes Ruth H does make beautiful clothes :)

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    1. I will try again...lovely girls!! Belle is my favourite,which reminds me, does your NP boy still live with you..haven't seen him lately...if he is there please try and feature him soon...but not in a smock dress :)

    2. Did you say your trying , again! ;) lol
      Yes James is still here he's been out wandering and muttered something about an Icy wind blowing? which is very strange as it's been boiling here with no breeze what so ever ! :)

    3. Yay! Glad he is still know how I struggle with this computer lark!!

  8. Four beautiful girls Dee, and their lovely dresses suit them perfectly.
    I'm playing catchup again so I almost missed this post!!!!