Friday 23 June 2017


Ode to the Ice Queen

Oh once there was an Ice Queen
who was not very nice
she filled her home with toddlers
old crows and some mice

One toddler was of pure heart
Lonely was her name
So the Ice Queen made sure
She'd never be the same

She trained her other toddlers
to be nasty mean and cruel
while she sat on her ice throne
ordering their gruel

Lucas was her Hench tot
a sweet looking lad
until she turn his heart
evil black and bad !

But time did come to rescue
Lonely from her fate
Of staying with the Ice queen
living in all that hate

Now Lonely lives in Ireland
running just to play
Not like at the Ice Queen's
when she'd run to hide away

And Lucas lives in the village
his nightmares nearly gone
Of when he was forced to be horrid
and live in all that pong!

Now their beds are comfy
their food all warm and nice
 no more sleeping on sacks
and chewing on dead mice!

But rumour's start to rumble
that Icy's coming back
she's filling her home with toddlers
and we all remember that!

By Dee Owen

read to you today by James Owen

With thanks to Rosie for the photo of Lonely enjoying play with her new family far away from the Ice Queen.



  1. Uh-oh! Lock up your toddlers folks. She's ba-a-ack!

    I hope our Queenie is a reformed character. Well, she MUST BE, mustn't she? Otherwise the Sasha Social Services would not have allowed her to asopt again.
    Good. Now I feel better about the futute of todderdom.

    1. I have slipped through the SASHA SOCIAL SERVICES toddler is safe :)

  2. What a lovely little poem I really enjoyed reading it :) What a wonderful talent to be able to write poetry. I'm glad Lucas and Lonely escaped her clutches and will stay safe :) x

    1. Thank you. Yes Poor Lonely is now safe as is Lucas, although he does sometimes slip...but he is getting there :) x

  3. Hahaha - the village bard has returned!

    1. It's good to have her back isn't it?!

    2. Why thank you Rosie :) and you to Queenie ;)

  4. Busted!! I love my poem Dee...thank you for taking the time and effort for composing it for me...lovely to see Lonely again....thanks to Rosie for adopting her I see that Lonely has a new little brother...hope he is kind to her....I can't believe Lucas has turned over a new leaf...that boy is pure naughty!! He will never change :) Thank you for posting pictures of James...nice to see him again...but isn't a tad warm in that outfit!!

    1. :) Thank you , it came to me surprisingly easy , I wonder why? ;)) Yes Lonely's now having a wonderful childhood in Ireland and Yes Lucas does slip now and again... but we are winning through. :)
      James is going through his poetry stage and thinks he looks cool even if the sweats dripping off him! I think if the heat returns he may just cave and change!

  5. Great poem! She may be the root of all evil, but she's the evil that I'm rooting for!

    1. Thank you Steve. Problem is there is just enough goodness in her to make us all root for her... good side.. lol :)

    2. are making me blush :)

    3. is that Raspberry ice? ..... ;)

  6. Thank you for this charming and entertaining posting. You told a captivating story - well done. I hope there'll be more examples of your poetry in the future.

    1. Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Me and Queenie ( Ronnie) have a history of rhyme :)

  7. Dee's poetry is very clever....I have been the subject of it many a time....but I am very flattered that she thinks of me....even though it isn't in a good light sometimes!!

    1. I need a good light to see you coming :)) xx

  8. Absolutely SPECTACULAR! Very clever YOU! Adored EVERY single written word!

  9. Oh my goodness I will be sure to keep Teddy safe here, I cannot bear the thought of him going to live with the Ice Queen and turning into a little icicle! (great post Dee! And very well read by young James!)