Sunday 18 June 2017


And I am walking on sunshine  ... and don't it feel good!

What a week that was!! Back to work after a lovely week off! In for a long haul of four and a half days! Good start back in, then  after two days, a day off for toil as working the Saturday, then back in to find an important equipment failure , which we managed like the professionals we are, but meant a late finish, then working in a different branch for Friday , then back to home branch for Saturday!

But for all that , this week's been a great week in other ways.

The sun's been shining everyday! and getting hotter as each day passes! Mind you it's now getting too hot for me! But it's nice to have the warm sunny days that make you feel good as the song says!

I've completed the purchase of a couple of dolls this week and they'll be appearing on the blog in a few weeks. I've been sitting in the flower  garden in evening enjoying the quiet and making plans with Paul for what we need to do in the garden and the house.

The summer always gives you the energy to get on and do things, well it does me , it brightens the mind I think, helps people feel positive and potter around finishing some of the jobs that have been sitting waiting for attention. The longer evenings help too, giving you longer to get things done.

There are now three things needing removing over the coming months ! The out house by the back door, the wall between the kitchen and dinning room and the gazebo ! What I could do with is a labourer who'd come along and take these all down in one week therefore keeping all the dust and dirt confined and then we could begin to make good!.

Out house

Wall between kitchen/breakfast room and dinning room


Also this week I've been thinking about Arsenic ! Is it the right thing to use? or is it too much of a dangerous a change?
Normally I'd find the link and build off that but I saw the Arsenic and thought  Mmmm could that be a game changer?
I was thinking kitchen but now thinking hallway? Decisions decisions!

Arsenic..... the colour of this paint I like...what was you thinking???

It's taken me all day to get to this post due to the HEAT!!!! sooooooooooo HOT! way too hot for me..and they say its going to continue for a few more days! Lovely...not! I'm a 72.. 75 degrees  with a nice to keep you cool ! not this 80 with no breeze at all!

I have taken some Sasha photos but I'm going to save them for tomorrow.

Well I wish you all a lovely week ahead and I'll be here tapping and clicking away over the week!



  1. Ha ha, you had me going for a minute! I thought you actually meant 'arsenic'. I wondered "Could the squirrels really be that out of control?" Sounds like there's a lot going on at Sasha Village. I wonder if perhaps Percy could be your laborer?

    1. :) I'd could never hurt any animal even if they were a pest! :) I did ask Percy if he could help out but he says he's working for Ragnor and it's a big job something to do with a tower?

  2. Like Steve, I took the word, Arsenic, at first to mean 'poison.' (Rather an inappropriate word to choose for the name of a colour I felt.)

    Whilst I agree with your plans to make the Gazebo into a more sturdier and useful all weather building I'm definitely against removing that part wall between the kitchen and dinning room (especially as that new Welsh dresser fits and looks so well there!) as you already have a large kitchen table for eating from and your dinning table is so close to the kitchen for transporting any dishes, cutlery or food so that shouldn't be a problem when using that for special family/friend's meals. (It means that any cooking smells can be contained in the kitchen by closing the dinning room door and also all those somewhat unsightly used pots and pans or dirty dishes are not in the guest's sight during the mealtime.

    You already know my views on the outhouse or Sasha/Gregor house that I like to think of it as. 'Glassed' in a little more it would be perfect for a downstairs (and upstairs room?) setting permanently laid out and ready for use.

    It's been far too hot for me here! I'm more of a Spring or Autumn weather person myself!

    1. The colour does not look true in the photo, it's more a greeny blue. I love these odd names they give paint these days!
      The dinning room at present is where Paul works on the computer and does not have a dinning table.
      The welsh dresser will swing round to stand against the wall between the two french doors, we have a dish washer for any pots and pans and if once it's done It does not work, it's not that hard , for us, to replace the wall again or we may consider splitting the kitchen off from the breakfast area and closing that off..... who knows what could happen I do so love a bit of DIY! lol

      Unfortunately as much as I like your idea about the little outhouse I think it could land up looking like a bus shelter!! lol

      Same here, spring and autumn , wonderful months :)

  3. WELL! How did I miss this post last night? I kept looking at my Blogger dashboard as it was too hot to sleep but, somehow, I missed The Sunday Catch Up.

    I do love the colour of the paint but can't imagine why the makers didn't come up with a different name! Where are you thinking of using it?

    Isn't it strange that we all see things differently? I love your little outhouse and would want to keep it and change its use. Maybe I'll move in there.......!
    J xxx

    1. Maybe you were sleep walking? :)
      I love the strange names, a grey called elephants breathe! how do you know what colour Elephants Breathe is?? love it!

      MM I wonder if I could get a bed into the ceiling area and rent it out as a holiday let ? Nar ! It would still be too close to the house! Shame :) x

  4. We too have been thinking and discussion much on the bottom of the garden. This morning we got a load of sell off plants for the raised bed we filed with soil levelling the bottom and 6 bags of 40mm plum slate for a start. There is so much ground needs covering and grass is out of the question as the mower wouldn't get into the space. I want to get the plants in, but it's far to hot at the moment ( until Friday we were wearing sweaters now we're just sweating!! ) :0 Jane x

    1. That's the thing with both house and gardens there is always something that needs doing. Thats good you got some cheap flowers , we always check round the garden centres and nurseries during the late Autumn and early spring when they don't want to have to keep some plants over winter etc , you can get a good few bargains then.
      This is true british weather, freezing or baking , no in between! x

  5. Arsenic and Old Lace....I like the colour but like you was a wondering what you were meaning before I got further down the screen! You and me both though, we have painting to do and I really don't fancy doing it in this heat though....
    As you know we too have very high temperatures here but we are used to it now, so much so that when the temperature dips below about 22C I am quite chilly!!! But make the most of it Dee, because sadly the English summer tends not to last very long. :(

    1. I have that film :) it's too hot to paint here at present, we can almost give Spain a run for the money weather wise at present!
      Unfortunately Sharon they are saying we are in for a few months of this hot weather!! give me an old fashioned British summer, gale force winds , and rain in the morning with deep blue sun filled sky by teatime! Those were the days .... lol xx