Sunday 25 June 2017


Back in November I saw some sketches of a Nini doll by Jonathan Hayes. The sketches took my interest straight away and I followed Jonny's photos on his facebook and also on Flickr as this sketched doll slowly and beautifully came to life.

When I knew the doll was nearing completion, I mentioned to Jonny that I was very interested in her but within a day or so things at work looked unsettled, so I took myself off the interested list.

The doll appeared and I knew it would soon be on it's way to a lucky person so I put her from my mind.

Then on the 23rd March my beautiful sweet little dog Izzy died and I was heartbroken.

The day after this sad event , I went onto facebook and the first thing I saw was the doll ! There she was looking at me , a close up head and shoulders shot and she was waiting...
She was a little ray of light in my sadness and so I decided that she was meant to come live here with me.

I contacted Jonathan and he understood my strangely scrambled message about how I wanted this doll to be my Izzy a lasting link for my sweet girl. He kindly agreed a small layaway and finally she's arrived .
And oddly she arrived Friday the 23rd June exactly three months to the day since my Izzy's death.


and here she is , A Gift for Snow XIX by Jonathan Hayes . Even her number XIX, 19, is significant to me.

Opening the box to see such a gorgeous doll is just stunning.

She was soon out the box and wearing her fur hat. Jonathan's attention to detail is perfect.

I have watched as Jonathan has honed his craft with each doll he makes, and this girl was the one that called to me from the first. If you would like to see his incredible workmanship and photos of  his Nini dolls to date and those in his workshop and soon to appear he can be found at
just viewing the dolls is a treat.

She has the most beautiful long auburn hair which hangs down her back in wild abandon. with just a ripple of wave running through it.

Her tartan dress with it's leg of mutton sleeves fit beautifully with a hint of petticoat.

Her pretty petticoat.

Her lace edged unmentionables ! :)

A close up of her lovely vibrant face.

She is a joy to hold ,with movable arms and legs and the type of doll you would pass down the generations of your family.

This is the beautiful card that came with Izzy of one of his original sketches.

I saw her as that Scottish lass making her way through the winter landscape to deliver her presents in time for Christmas. Her name Isabel MacBeth but called Izzy for short.

So it is now my privilege to own one of these beautiful dolls and I thank Jonathan for his artistry and kindness.



  1. Izzy is just stunning and so beautifully named for your little dog. I hope there'll be more photos of Izzy soon :D x

    1. Thank you :) I am sure she will be making a few appearances now and then

  2. Dee, She's breathtakingly beautiful! Her face is lovely and the detail of her clothing is amazing. Such a wonderful tribute to your Izzy. I have no doubt that some day there will be a museum exhibition of Jonny's dolls - that is if their owners can bare to part with them temporarily.

    1. Thank you Steve. The detail that Jonathan puts into each doll is wonderful.
      I'm sure my Izzy would have jumped on seeing her, anything new sitting around that she caught sight of, when she could see, would make her jump in surprise then growl until you showed her it up close. and she did love soft toys which she'd lick and mother :)
      That would be a lovely tribute to Jonathan's craft in years to come.

  3. Jonny such a great doll designer/maker and Izzy is one of his best. Congratulations on becoming her Mum, Dee!

    1. He is Jenni and I'm over the moon to have added her to my doll family :) x

  4. Izzy is beautiful....I adore the name/sentiment behind it <3

  5. Huge congratulations.......I am so pleased for you xxx

  6. How wonderful 'to have and to hold' such a delightful reminder of your precious Westie, Izzy.
    BTW How is her brother Hamish holding up without his constant companion?

    1. It is Kendal :)
      Hamish decided that now his sister is no longer costing us at the vets that he would get the most expensive condition available! At least he waited !

  7. Welcome to the Nini doll club! It's such a pleasure to own one. I think Izzy is stunningly beautiful. Congratulations on acquiring her. I know she'll bring you much happiness.

    1. Thank you :) It's a great club to be a member of.
      I'm sure she will, she makes me smile just to look at her.

  8. She is wonderful Dee and a lovely link to Izzy. Congratulations x

  9. She really is a stunner Dee, I'm so glad you were able to get her and that you've called her Izzy after the little Izzy girl that you so miss. Jonathan's work is really quite amazing, isn't it! I'm sure this doll will be enjoyed for years and years!