Sunday 4 June 2017


It's been a busy week! The powers that be decided I should work the Friday, so that's what I did.
But it was not a problem as it's the School half term, so the roads were lovely and clear and the days passed steadily.

I meant to post a photo yesterday but got caught up in gardening, so left it too late to take a photo for the blog.

But here's a photo of Ashley admiring the roses.

She's wearing, a new to us, double smocked Ruth Hartley dress in a gorgeous lemon.

On the house front, we decided to cut down the original worktop that was here , so that it would be long enough to put the coffe machine back over this side. It also means that we won't need to remove the boarding upstand at the back , just repaint it once we decide what colour we are going for and also add the extra boarding to finish off the area to the right , which never got done last time!
We also decided to put up two of our new pictures that we bought last year.
It will all need to come back down when we decorate but at least they are finally up and out the way!

All our box needs the Chelsea chop! Paul started with the two cones either side of the entrance to this area as they were getting so close together , you got soaked if it had rained and you needed to pass!
You are not supposed to cut them when the sun' shinning, so we'll do them each evening until the jobs complete!

We also trimmed back this area and pulled up the weeds in the path, so again we can get round without fighting our way through. We still have more to do cleaning up and weeding in this top area.

Our roses are putting on a wonderful display with blooms everywhere and buds waiting their turn to shine! This Mannington Mauve rose looks great on both sides of the trellis.

The Mannington on the other side of the trellis !

We've rearranged this area, moving the 'table' round to this side and making a higher ledge at the back to display our more tender scented geraniums and some Fushia's and Calla Lilies.

Paul made up some dough and we've just had half a bacon baguette for lunch !

 and it was delicious!

On another note, I have spent some time this morning trying to find a piece of clothing belonging to my Kaye Wiggs doll for a shot I want to do! Despite getting out almost all my dolls clothes boxes I still cannot locate the time! I have too many clothes for my Sasha's! I know this but do I bite the bullet as they say and actually do something about it? no ! I think about doing something and then another week passes!

But this is the time of year when I start getting serious about all the things around the place including dolls and clothes! So instead of just putting the boxes back, they are sitting in the living room waiting for me to go through them and try and reduce four boxes down to TWO! and I am determined to do this, so I'll be putting things on the Sasha Bazaar and also my sales page and then if they don't sell there , they'll go on ebay !
Less is more......

Well before that can happen I'm off to the garden centre in search of ONE plant to go in my hallway... ONE!

I'll leave you with another photo of the lovely Ashley and a reminder that tomorrow is Doll shelf photo day, so please send in your shelf photos so we can all enjoy seeing what everyone's dolls are up to and wearing this month.
Enjoy the week ahead!



  1. A wonderful post Dee! Something about each of your interests and a chance for us to see so much of what is going on in life around The Sasha Village>

    Your garden is looking wonderful and I think you made some great decisions in the house - I love the way the wee scottie dog is looking up at the coffee machine, he clwarly wants a cup. The icecream van prints finish the area of beautifully.

    As for Ashley, well, she's always a treat to see. How funny that I just sent you a photo of one of my girls wearing the same RH dress but in blue gingham!
    I do wish I could find my others in that style. need to reduce my Sasha clothing stash too! HOWEVER...... I'm off to look to see what you have up for sale, as I'm a totally lost cause....

    1. Thanks Jenni I'm glad you enjoyed it :) The garden is doing really well thsi year, especially the roses, the winter and spring must have been just what they like. Unfortunately some of the weeds, like the buttercups which are hard to get rid of are also having a great season!
      The scottie dog is a doorstop we use to keep the kitchen door open when we bring things in as it's on an auto closer.
      I'm really pleased with how well the ice cream van prints look there :)

      You're too early for my sales, I will be sorting things tomorrow hopefully, need to get a start! xx

  2. Your garden is looking really lovely Dee, full of colour and perfume too I'm sure! I can almost smell it from here :)
    Ashley looks great in her yellow outfit, amongst yellow roses, a real treat for the eyes.
    And WOW, Paul is a man of many talents, isn't he! The bread looks delicious and I'm glad to hear that it tasted as good as it looks too.
    Have a great week and good luck with all your sorting out!

    1. Thanks Sharon :) It is doing well this year along with the weeds :)
      Ashley really suits yellow and well I thought the yellow roses would be a good match.
      I love that Paul likes to bake! lol and so well too! Not so good for my waistline but there you go :)
      You too and I feel one of my clearing urges so I live in hope to have made a dent in it by next weekend! xx

  3. Everything is so beautiful at your house - it must be a real pleasure to live there (even though I imagine it must be a lot of work). Obviously, you enjoy the work and take pride in your surroundings. Too many doll clothes? I think that's an impossibility. And, those baguettes look heavenly; I bet they were delicious!

    1. That's kind of you to say ,but then I don't show you all the untidy parts ;) lol It's true though that I love houses, gardens and dolls and probably in that order, although the dolls have slightly overtaken my time in the garden.
      and I do like the all to look good :)
      If I had more room having so many clothes would not be a problem but when you are trying to find an item and there are so many places to search...

      I have to say that yes those baguettes were delicious :)

  4. What a beautiful garden and Ashley looks a beautiful as the roses! We have also been very busy in the garden and I have been taking photos too. We were so busy while the weather has been nice that I didn't find time for a post this week :)

    1. Thank You , it's kind of you to say so. This is the time of year when we need to be in the garden almost daily just to keep up with all the jobs that need doing as you know yourself.
      At the moment the garden's getting well watered!!! :)

  5. I love it when you post photos of your garden looks beautiful *happy sigh* and how sweet of Ashley to dress to match the roses.

    *yummy scrummy* about the baguettes too!

    1. I'm never sure just how much 'life' people are happy with on the Sasha blog which is why I have a blog just for the garden and the other dolls.But sometimes I like to share some photos on this one.
      Ashley is a very accommodating child :)

      It was very yummy I may ask him to make some more ! lol

  6. What a beautiful garden! It's like a peaceful world apart. Ashley certainly looks enchanted by it.

    1. Thank you Steve. It is lovely and peaceful. It was one of the reasons we bought the house as it was a 150+ ft blank canvas for us to fill with our ideas. If you are interested our garden blog is on the side panel. called Notes from an English garden, if you go back to May 2014 the second post shows you how the last part of the garden looked and how we got it ready in time to open if for a village garden day.