Sunday 11 June 2017


How time flies when you have a week off! Our week's been very mixed weather wise but we've never let a bit of rain stop us from doing things, so we have had a lovely week.

We have of course been working on the garden and have finished giving the box it's Chelsea chop!

So it no longer looks wild and woolly !

It's now trimmed and tamed! Meaning we can now get round without getting wet if it's been raining!

Because we've had a week at home only going out for the odd day here and there, it's meant that we've been able to potter about clearing out the things that we've shoved here and there through the winter months, in case they might be needed or we did not know if we wanted to get rid of.

So a couple of household items have been sold , which is great as it's allowed space to open up. We have cleared out most of the little brick outhouse that's in the way of my view, so we can start thinking about cutting the electric supply to that and taking it down!!

Although we now have these plants against it's wall ! But apart from the hanging baskets and the lady's head planter all the rest are freestanding! So we don't have to wait until late autumn. It could come down whenever the mood strikes!!!

It's removal would open up that side of the patio.

I've also started selling off a few Sasha clothes and some non Sasha dolls apart form one Sasha baby.
I don't really do a lot with my babies, so am reducing them down to just three, Gorgeous George, Elton Ron and  Rosie who was my first baby adoption. Which means I have lots of baby clothes which I am going to start listing over the coming week.

I have been making use of my raffle prize from the Sasha Celebration Weekend.

Here I used it with my Kaye Wiggs dolls with Faith having to get the horse to tow the bike because Princess Elfine refused to take her turn pedaling!

Then I used it as an Invalid carriage for my twist on the letter I, being Poor INJURED Edward, needing to go to the St IPPOLYTS INFIRMARY, where sister IVY IGNATIUS gave him an INJECTION to ward for an INFECTION and stop him getting ILL and then needing to stay in hospital INDEFINITELY !

I also found out just how powerful the lens on my little camera is. When we were at Wrest Park we could see down to this temple style building in the distance.

The view from the terrace.

I then took a photo from the locked low metal gates that surrounded the house garden and which we were unable to go past due to the risk of falling trees and branches in the winds.
But we all wanted to know what an earth was that blue behind the statue in the distance, it just did not sit right! what was it?

So I zoomed in!

To find that some person ! had decided to park a large digger/ tractor right behind the statue in front of the temple! Thereby ruining anyone's chance of getting a nice photo of this area! They probably thought no one would be able to see it from the house! I'm tempted to send them the photo to show where you shouldn't leave your garden equipment!Even if the weathers so windy!

This photo of Paul's shows the metal gates I was standing at to get that Temple photo. So a great little lens on my camera!

Hopefully when we return they'll have parked elsewhere! :)

Well I'm off to enjoy some time in the garden before I get back to listing baby clothes etc.

I hope everyone as a lovely week.



  1. Hadn't realised until now that you'd had the week off from the Bank! You seem to have achieved quite a lot in spite of the very changeable week's weather.
    I know that you have said on several occasions that the brick built out-house spoils your view of the gardens from the lounge but I for one will be sorry to see it go as I would have loved to have seen it glassed in and used as a Summer house or Sasha studio being so close to the house.
    Talking of Summer are the plans for that replacing the Gazebo coming along?
    BTW. The box hedging looks great after it's Chelsea chop.

    1. We have which is good.
      If I could push it further away from the house I would take most of the walls away and make it like a loggia but alas it's too close and too small for a Sasha room.
      We have decided , that as we'd need to insulate any ready made log cabin we bought, we may as well take down the Gazebo, re use the roof etc and rebuild it with insulated walls that would actually be a cheaper option but of course a lot more work!

  2. Elaine is absolutely correct - a princess should never have to pedal her bike! And, I hope Edward recovers soon. Your garden is lovely and the boxing looks neat and tidy after its chopping.

    1. Don't encourage her! She's always aware of her station in life! especially if it means she can get out of doing things!
      It's always nice seeing the box when it's had it's chop!

  3. Lovely, newsy post, Dee! I do enjoy your Sunday posts. The raffle prize looks even better when the dolls are using it! A great choice

    1. Thanks Jenni. I'm loving this raffle prize, so glad I got it!

  4. It's always so satisfying to take time off to work around the house and yard. Then you can sit back and admire all of your efforts (preferably with a glass of wine). Good to see the bike is being put to good use.

    1. It is, just wish it lasted twice as long! :) The bike is getting a few starring roles at present!

  5. Your garden is just so delightful. And my goodness.....that box hedge really did need a chop!!! It looks like a different garden now!

    And good luck in building the insulated garden room as soon as possible.

    1. Thanks Jane, yes it so needed it's chop, I think we missed last years !

      The garden room is a summer project.. we need to start soon!

  6. I hope you had a lovely week off Dee, it certainly looks as if you got out and about and quite a lot done.
    Yes, a silly place to park the blue vehicle but perhaps there was a good reason for it? Maybe it is a delicate little engine and had to be protected from the wind, rain and falling branches!!!
    Great zoom lense on your new camera too :)

    1. We did, Sharon thanks, just not being at work is almost enough! lol but nice to also get out and about too!
      I did wonder if they'd put it there to stop it getting damaged by a branch or something but really! I'm sure they could have found another safe place!
      Isn't it!That zoom is amazing for such a little camera :)