Thursday, 2 November 2017

1St NOVEMBER and 2nd !

Well as a colleague said to me today it's nearly the end of the year! Which I have to say is I'd thought the same thing myself!
Now that the clocks have changed and it's darker in the evening with the colder days, Winter is here. I do love all the seasons even this one with its shorter days and cold weather. I'm not so keen when I have to leave home for work at 7.15 am and there's ice conditions but it can be beautiful when you are in the countryside on a crisp winter morning with the pale sun glowing on the frosty landscape.

So a new month and still no internet! We have been let down by our provider! And their customer service is leaving a lot to be desired!

So tomorrow I'm going to be taking my photos and getting posts written , so that whenever I'm back I'll be ready .

2nd November !

Well still 'offline' so using Paul's phone so cannot do anything like photos because it will use up too much of his allowance !

Still waiting on our provider but now looking at others as this one obviously does not care about it's customers.

Please still send in the doll shelf photos, hopefully I'll be back in time to put them up on the fifth but if not they'll go up as soon as they can after that.
I'll do a little catch up now as who knows when I'll be back again....

Exciting happenings for the garden! The Landscaper is coming on Monday to take down the outhouse remove the old patio and lay the lovely new one!!!! Cannot quite believe it's finally going to happen since I've wanted that outhouse and old patio gone almost since the day I walked through the door over twelve years ago !

I will of course take lots of before and during and after photos, to share with you once the jobs done and we're back online.

But this means we will be moving all the plants etc that stand around on the patio to other places in the garden until after the works done. Plus sorting out anything that can get thrown out. Luckily we moved almost everything out of the outhouse earlier in the year and there are not too many pots to move, so should hopefully only take a day to get the place ready for the wreaking crew!

I have to say I love getting people in to do the bigger jobs, having spent most of my married life having to help Paul or watching Paul doing all the jobs in order to save on costs, it's now lovely to be able to sit back and let someone else do all the heavy lifting and bending and dealing with any issues and then reap the rewards. And it takes a faction of the time, when it's their job as when you do it yourself you only have weekends and evenings,  so it takes three times as long and does not always get completely finished..

I will be out at work , so will be seeing things changing only once I'm back home , which will be nice in one sense but not in another as I do like to be around if any decisions need making. But with the wonders of technology Paul can always send me a photo and then call me and I can still be in on the job.
I don't know about you  but I always need to know whats happening in case I don't like the result! Paul once put some patterned glass in our front door and when I saw it I realised it was the opposite way up to the same glass in the living room door which was to the side of it. Paul said does it matter not one will know and they probably would not have as the pattern could be place either way and was not easy to see the difference but I knew and although I didn't make a fuss because he was right he could see I was not happy.
So when I returned the DH had removed all the beading and the putty and was turning them the right way to match the other glass.He figured it was easier than seeing me forever sigh or looking at it!

I think it's the same with everything, if you know somethings wrong or not what you were told etc, it can take away the pleasure in that item or doll and you'll always look straight to that fault or mistake or whatever.

Well I'll hopefully be back soon with photos, if not I'll try and pop in to do a catch up on Sunday !



  1. How frustrating about your ISP, lets hope you're properly back online soon. Sounds exciting about the big changes outside the house, you must be so pleased it is finally happening. I'll try and take a doll shelf photo this time, now that my toddler has an unexpected new baby brother with curly hair and repainted eyes...

  2. I too hate these sort of interruptions to my internet life.