Saturday, 30 June 2018


Well Friday was grandee day. We went to visit Clara and take her her new cot because she's growing so well she needed more room to sleep.

Then today it's been just so hot that again not much work was done , we had a lazy day since we are meant to be on holiday.

But late this evening I did move a few more things from the old studio to the new studio.

so much sun!

Still quite a lot to move.

I decided to empty this cupboard which had been hidden by other bits and pieces and i could not remember the last time I looked inside.

Looking at it now I can see how much space I was wasting .

Top shelf



all now in new studio waiting sorting and storing.

It slowly happening and what treasures I am rediscovering



  1. What a fun job - sorting and moving all the doll accessories - a world of rediscoveries!

  2. Happy Birthday Denise!

    Oh GOSH! Hadn't realised that you had accumulated quite SO MUCH! doll stuff! Hope that it's all going to fit into the new Sasha Studio and still leave space for you to move around.
    BTW I liked Jane's great idea of the cup hooks for hanging props from the wooden roof beams and can see these being easily filled too as even more dolly stuff comes to light!
    PS. Noticed that that dark oak bureau has found a new spot to stand in!

    1. Thank You.
      I knew I had a lot of stuff and I too am hoping it will all fit in ! Because he needs to!
      Yes Jane's idea was perfect and is saving a lot of space.
      The oak bureau is tucked away until the right space can be found.

  3. It's always fun to rediscover old treasures. You've even got a "pie-rat' chest (I've been infected by all the "pie-rat" talk on Facebook lately)!

    1. It so is! Yes we have quite a few " pie-rat" items because Toby is a big fan of them :)

  4. Looks like great fun Dee, as they say here in Spain, poco a poco, little by'll get there in the end :)

    1. Thanks It will definitely be Poco poco here especially in this heat! :)xx