Sunday 3 June 2018


We now have lots to do in the garden over the next three weeks, there's very little ,if any, time to play,

The Wisteria's being replaced by the Rambling rose Mannington Mauve. Which is looking lovely but weeds need pulling , pots planting etc
So I need to get on even though it's way too hot to really do anything in comfort....


Someone's let themselves into the new Studio.....

"It's quite high up here isn't it Granny? "
" Mmm hush Bruno I'm thinking.. "

Bruno swings the rocking chair round , so he can see what granny's up to...

"What a wonderful space" sigh's Granny in an excited tone " just think of all the things we could sell!"

Bruno gets up and looks over at Granny " Yes that's a great cupboard maybe Mrs Mum will let you use it, it would hold quite a lot " he agrees.

Distracted Granny turns towards Bruno " Sorry ? Oh yes the shelf unit will be a wonderful addition but look Bruno look !"

"I am looking Granny. " says a baffled Bruno " the shelving cupboard will be great for your shop and I'm sure Mrs Mum will let you use it. Although it's a bit on the big size for our little shop"

Sometimes Granny wonders if Bruno is truly her grandson!

" I'm not taking about that shelving unit I'm talking about all this space here, here where we are standing.. all of it! It will be the perfect space for Granny Fortuna's new village shop !"

"What! All this ? " asks Bruno throwing his arms wide to encompass the whole of the space around them " All of it! Have you gone mad ! Mrs Mum will never ...and I do mean never ...give you all this space for your shop! " hardly stopping for breath he continues " Have you seen all the junk .. I mean things she got in that other studio.. it's crammed to the rafters !"

Granny just give's Bruno one of her pitying looks " Bruno I think it's too hot for you in here, maybe you should wait outside!" Suddenly she spots the large glass jars standing about " Oh look and these will be wonderful " she scoops some up

She places them on the shelving unit she's found "Just perfect They will hold a lot of things "

"Granny " says Bruno appearing at her side " It's no good making big plans, you won't get such a grand shop " Bruno says in his sweetest kindest voice

" Yes it would be a Grand shop  wouldn't it.. Granny Fortuna';s Grand Village shop... No Store ! yes "
" No Granny !" argues Bruno but knowing his words are falling on deaf ears! Granny's got the bit between her teeth and she's off making plans that cannot possibly happen !

Bruno storms off, throwing down his jacket as he goes , he is too hot, granny watches wordlessly
" It will end in tears " says Bruno over his shoulder as he leaves
For a moment Granny's bewildered as to why Bruno will be crying... of course he'll be so happy when they have such a big shop ! "

Granny wanders around sizing things up and making big plan then wonders whats behind her shelving unit....

Her eyes go round in awe at what she sees..

" Oh My !"..........


Just two of the things I've come across while sorting out the other studio. The small pine unit was made by Paul years ago out of some off cuts from a much bigger unit he was making for us.
The sweet jars were given to me by my friend Gill and alas I forgot after using them once where I'd stored them, so when I found them, they were in their box still full of real sweets... that alas were now nasty and sticky and discoloured. So they were thrown away and the jars washed ready to be used for something else.

When we were getting things for the Studio we also bought these....

a handy platform which I can use and which will allow me to step back to take photos, I also used my Mum's old childhood chair to help me get on and off it.

The platform is great because it can be used for the house etc , Paul's going to get another so he can run a board between for working on the higher part of the folly wall and I can also then put them side by side to allow me to reach across the upper space without having to keep moving the platform.

I just need to make sure Paul doesn't leave them covered in cement or paint!

 The weather here today's been way too hot at times but we've still managed to get outside and do a few bits and pieces, more on that another Sunday.

Don't forget those Shelf photos ,for the fifth ,if you'd like to take part and have a great week doing things you love along with the things you need to do.

Dee xx


  1. Granny is obviously having 'Great Expectations' on spotting this empty loft space!
    Shall certainly be watching THIS space in case it turns into a Supermarket store!
    I'm betting that all those cupboards and shelves are now filling up nicely with all your props, accessories plus their outfits, shoes and toys. Hope that you're making a list of where everything is going!

    Didn't see (and daren't ask) what has been decided on about that piece of dark wood furniture that certanly doesn't 'fit in' with this smart, new, modern light wood studio.

    1. It appears she is ! Well she can dream...
      The cupboards and shelves are still pretty clear as too much to do in garden at moment, will do some more at weekend.

      I've found a possible place for the bureau, just need to make the room for it!

  2. I've got to hand it to Granny; she doesn't make small plans! Love Bruno's sporty new denim jacket.

    1. Granny always thinks big! Bruno was given it by the Sashas, it came from a lovely friend from the US who visited on her way to Shelly's for an eye job!

  3. Go, Granny, go!
    I love it when she gets so full of energy!

    1. Ursula ! Don't encourage her... she was last seen drawing up plans for the whole top shelf!

  4. I was so sure I posted a comment on here the other day Dee!

    It's good to see things are filling up and I'm pleased Granny is helping in her own way. :)

  5. I love Granny! She is a visionary and has great drive in spite of her years!! It will be fun to see how her master plan unveils in your lovely studio space. A great post! 😊 xxx

  6. Granny is BACK, with a vengence!!! There'll be no stopping her now and that shop is going to turn into a department store! I love the little jars and the shelving unit, it'll be great in the new Village Store!