Friday, 15 June 2018


Well I know I should have spent the day walking back and forth with things that need getting rid of from the garden plus doing some tidying but instead I decided to make an iris bed!

We'd planned on making it last year but never got round to it then the weather was awful so everything as been delayed and in truth maybe today with everything else was not the best time but well I needed a rest from 'cleaning' and needed to do something I could see a result from.

We decided that we'd make it by digging out the ground between the circle and the paving stones in the flower garden, see above but it appeared that the grass had grown over the circle so the area was not very wide once I started to remove the grass.

Not wide enough, so Paul had said about moving the paving stones that ran round the circle when we'd first discussed it last year, so that's what I did next.

Now I do love adapting a design as you do it , it's never a good idea to have a rigid plan and stick to it come what may.

So I formed the design as I worked.

I decided to leave two of the paving stones in place and increase the centre size by adding some grey bricks round the circle, which will mean we can easily get to the sundial and also walk round it if we wish to.

So several hours later after a stop for a cuppa and lunch it's finished and ready to have the irises planted.

I've given it the same edging as the rest of this area and also placed the grey bricks round the edge of the two paving stones I left in place

I'm going to , after the open day carry the grey bricks along the rest of the paving stones making a clearer path rather than the stones that get hidden by the grass.

from the other side of flower garden.

Some pots of bearded irises that have been waiting ages to be put in.

It looks sparse at the moment but there are so many irises scattered about the garden being shaded that are crying out to bask in the sun.
So Paul's going to plant the irises for me tomorrow morning as I'm working, then we'll cover the earth with gravel and it's done.

View from the gate into flower garden. I have to say I'm very pleased with how it's turned out, so tomorrow , after work, it's back to cleaning and tidying the garden !



  1. When it comes to gardening, I find I have a lot more enthusiasm for the "creation" part than dull old maintenance. I think it probably shows too, as my garden tends to look like it's tended by someone with attention deficit disorder. I think the new iris bed is beautiful. I love using pavers in a saw tooth pattern for edging. It will fill in beautifully, and the iris won't get too big and obscure the lovely sundial. Well done!

    1. I love the designing side best lol and we cram the beds so full of flowers and shrubs the weeds have to fight to get to the light, then we finally see them when they are hard to miss then I garden!
      Thank you, next year hopefully the irises will look nice around the sun dial. I even got a that looks really good when Paul came home and saw it! :)

  2. It is looking very promising, I hope you share photos of after the planting is done. I am sure the Sasha's will be interested to see how you have transformed the approach to the sundial.

    1. Thanks, Yes I will share the finish with the planting. I'm sure when time finally allows the Sasha will be taking full advantage of the new area!

  3. Oh Boy! You two don't half make extra work for yourselves even when under pressure for the Church's Open Garden weekend although I'm sure that it will look lovely when all the Iris' are in position and flowering well in this sunshine.

    1. It's true , if the mood strikes we'll just go for it, no matter what else is waiting to be done!
      It should look lovely next year in late spring early summer when it's all hopefully in flower.

  4. This is lovely Dee, the irises are going to look beautiful around this attractive sundial of yours.
    You really are going to need that week off after the garden viewing day, aren't you!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon. Yes we are so looking forward to that week off ! lol xxx

  5. Wonderful! An iris bed will be an amazing focal point. I look forward to seeing it after your planting. 😊 xxx