Saturday 23 June 2018


at the end of the gardening tunnel! By this time , 19.41 pm tomorrow it will all be over and done with!

We still have a couple of hours work tonight and in the morning before it all kicks off at 12 noon.

But I went around the garden and took a couple of photos to share tonight. I'll do the grand tour tomorrow before the start, by which time hopefully everything will be looking spic n span!

First up , remember way back when we had converted the porch into part of the house and we could not find our Lamb and Flag wall plaque ? Paul said he'd put in a safe place... so safe we couldn't find it! I was worried it had gone walkabout , well yes you've guessed it we found Paul's safe place as we tidied the carport!

Now we did not want to put it back on the new wall at the front in case it let moisture in, so where to put it! Paul and i both had the same idea.

It's now on the folly! even though the folly's not quite finished Paul says he'll not cover it in cement!

So here are a couple of photo's I took to share with you tonight.








Well as much as I'd like to sit here for the rest of the night I need to go and sweep the carport, sp any visitors can get in safely!

I'll let you know how it went on Sunday evening, hoping you all have a great weekend.



  1. Almost there now! Soon you will be able to bask in all of the richly deserved compliments for a job well done!

  2. It is looking good - well done for all your combined hard work. The weather should be good for your open garden too, so that is a bonus! Have a fun day and don’t be surprised if you are completely worn out by the end of the day with talking to visitors.

    1. Thanks. The weather is going to be good, so hope to get a good attendance.
      and then have a lovely rest! :)

  3. Absolutely stunning! BTW. Has the Folly now taken over the boxed hedge room?
    So pleased that the lamb and flag plaque has suddenly materialised again and is looking as good now on the new Folly.
    Can't wait to read the visitor's comments tomorrow. Bet they love the new Folly.
    PS. Is your Sasha Studio on display as well ...or not for safety reasons?

    1. Thank you Kendal.No the folly is past the box garden round passed the lych gate and opposite Paul Jungle plants.
      I was so happy when Paul came in with it! and it does suit the folly so well.. it must have been waiting for just the right place to appear before it did!
      The Sasha Studio stayed locked and private, need to be careful for safety reasons, they recommend closing all downstairs windows and curtains and locking the doors just in case.

  4. Absolutely lovely. The folly is my favourite part I think!