Thursday, 28 June 2018


Well the great thing about having doll loving friends visit are they have great ideas. They also have great dolls which makes for temptation but that's another story.

So today, Wednesday, I have been working in my studio and one of the first things I did was get Paul to put up some cup hooks along the main roof rafter , so that I could use Jane's idea of hanging up the dolls chairs, of which I have a fair collection.


Unfortunately we ran out of cup hooks, so need to get more as I have more chairs! Seeing the chairs up there reminded me of a second hand / antique furniture shop and also made me wonder if I could hang a few other things maybe from the first rafter nearer the door, leaving the one nearer the shelves free due to photo shoots.

I also set the window seat between the window and doorway, so it can have a doll displayed without fear of her/him getting caught by the sun.


These two plaques were also put up, I love both of these by Lewis Carroll.

There were four of us inside and there was still plenty of room even with the boxes standing about, so the Studio is very spacious.

Today Thursday I've been doing a little more pottering in the Studio. Paul went out and got me more cup hooks and finished the row , the added a few to the rafter nearest the door and window.

Mabel Lucie and Valentine came to help, I've told Valentine he needs to change into summer clothes but he says he's waiting for a chance to sort out what he wants to wear!

Ollie found a very large hat and put it on ! I asked him to take off his jacket and he said the wind was getting up and best to wait a while !
Then we wanted to know who broke the chair ?

He listened while I explained that it came along with the desk for nothing because it was broken and Dad had fixed it but it appears to need fixing again... all he said was.. Mmmmm !

Belle is in what will be the 'old' kitchen for my Schoenhut dolls but she's not helping much.

"It's all very.......old " she keeps saying " how did they manage... "

Some how a certain toddler's found his way up to the top shelf and is laying on the unmade bed claiming it as his own!
"Mum I'm having thsi room and I want all my snow mens around me and snow wallpaper and ... "
I'm hoping he'll fall asleep before he finds out he's got no chance !

 another person or should I say bear is lounging about on a sunbed. " Mr Mossy what are you doing? are you going to help like you said you would? "
 " Well you see Mrs Mum... I'm helping by checking out this sunbed to make sure it's worth you keeping it "
"Really ? " I ask
" Oh yes! You'd not want an uncomfortable bed taking up space now would you? would you? "
" No but you've been laying there for over an hour 1"
Flushing a little red under his grey fur  he blinks for a minute  " Well yes.. yes.. these things cannot be rushed... "
" surely a few minutes and you'd know " I say skeptically
Warming to his story Mossy tuts " Now Mrs Mum you know what happens when you buy a new pair of shoes? " He stares smiling " You get them home and when you were in the shop they fit lovely and you loved them BUT I minute you buy them and get them home.. they pinch your toes and rub your heels and give you blisters!" he finishes triumphantly

Mrs Mum looks at him " I don't think the sunbed will be giving anyone blisters , do you? "

Mr Mossy stares back and says in his most serious voice " Do you know that for sure !"

Giving up Mrs Mum leaves him to his idleness ! She's got too much to do already without crossing words with Mossy!

"Are you okay Mabel Lucie " asks Mum
" Yes Just my stringing is bad, so I can only stand very carefully and for a short while "

It's Mum's turn to blush " Oh Mabel I'm sorry it's on my to do list. Dad may have some time now the Open gardens finished."

"It's fine mum " smiles Mabel Lucie " I sit here and help Valentine"

" Yes Mabel's helping me " confirms Valentine " and while we are on the subject of restringing I could do with a tighten up myself!"
Mum goes a little redder " I know I know I'll have to get all the equipment together along with everyone with a problem and do you all on the same day"
" Well it will be a long day then because Olivia still needs her arms setting to rights and poor Ginny's arm dropped off back in February and she's still arm less!" he giggles at his own joke!

"Well we have been busy " mutters Mum defensively " but I'll make a list " so saying Mum goes off to start emptying a box !
" Mmm another list " mutters Valentine , before raising his voice so Mabel can hear him " Well Mabbs what should we do with this enormous blue tin mug! Sometimes I worry about our mothers taste! "
Mabel giggles..

 A view of my extra cup hooks.

and I probably have enough chairs to complete this row when not in use.

The long wooden garden bench as gone in the cupboard and the smaller dolls , my Heather Maciak dolls etc , are sitting on it.

I'm not sure if this is where they will stay or come back into the house. Still a way to go sorting things out.

Well lots to do , so I'd best get on.
Catch up again soon



  1. It's great to see Valentine, Ollie and the rest of the gang. My boy Colin is very loose as well, so much so that he's become known as 'Floppy Colin'. I really need to do something about him, although he's become quite popular in his present state, as he can do all sorts of macabre things with his head and limbs, that the other boys think is funny and cool. The girls, however, are not amused!

    1. Yes the boys tend to vanish when work needs doing but some like Valentine and Ollie like to help and in Valentine's case give decorating and furniture positioning advice !
      I really need to get the floppy ones sorted as the numbers are increasing as they wait!
      Yes I can imagine the girls are not amused, boys do the strangest things given a chance! :)

  2. The studio is looking great - and I am taken by the HM girl on the far right of the bench :-) Mr Mossy and Valentine are very strong willed - I wonder who'd win in a stand off?!

    1. Thanks It's slowly coming together although at present I'm concentrating on getting everything moved in, so I can see what I have !
      I think Valentine because Mr Mossy would retire making sure he had the last word before reaching the kitchen and looking for sympathy and cake! :)

  3. What a lovely collection of chairs, and what a splendid idea to hang them from hooks! So you can just pick them when you need them, and they don't use any space.
    I also have someone on my to do list, but it's a Late Götz with too tight stringing, and I find the idea of unhooking those child safe arm and leg fitments quite scary.

    1. I do love a nice chair and cannot seem to resist if I find one or four at a good price!
      I've not had to restring a later Gotz and they do tend to be more tightly strung, so good luck with that. :)

  4. Fantastic! The Village Studio is looking wonderful. I think Lucas has decided on a great vantage point. He and St. Mossy can keep tabs on everything that's going on from there........ but, excuse me, Mrs. Mum, where's my bed???? You did remember that I planned to move in there, didn't you?

    1. Thanks, Mm Lucas watching from above.. that's a very worrying idea....
      as for beds! It seems I'm already giving it over in late July for someone to sleep in and my daughter and her friend to use for working !
      I may have to hide the key ! but at least that mean there will be a bed should you need to escape! ;)

  5. This new Sasha Studio is becoming a wonderful 'Dolly' environment! I'd be wanting to be in there ALL the time!
    Great to see Mr Mossy again.

    1. It is, if only I could spend all my time in there! It appears a beds being purchased for someone to spend a few nights in there! I just hope Paul's not got plans for me to use it next!!
      Mr Mossy says thank you Lady K, now we are back in the middle of the chaos we'll be able to appear more easily. ;)

  6. WOW that is a lot of chairs! But what a great idea to hang them up on cup hooks like that, it certainly will save you a load of space. The studio is coming along beautifully, what a wonderful space to have just for dolls and dolly stuff! :)

    1. I have to confess to having a lot of chairs! Cannot seem to resist them in this size! :) It's going to be a great space to play dolls :) xx