Thursday, 14 June 2018


Remind me, not to say yes, to opening the garden for the Church should they ask again.....They always ask a year in advance but we always seem to be in the middle of some garden change which lands up running right up to the wire!

Mind you it would not  be such hard work , if we got rid of all the garden rubbish every month instead of leaving it in some corner or where ever ( Paul ) . Each time we've opened the garden and it's looking all nice and tidy and rubbish free we vow to keep it in that state .... and by the end of the year all the bad habits have crept back !

So one of the jobs I've been doing in the evening, after a hard day at work , is sorting out the pots and re-potting some of the plants and adding in a few new ones.

At present I'm keeping them all in one place until the gardens been cleared and I can place them around.

Paul is very 'green fingered' so is forever taking cuttings and then we have a dozen or so plants happily growing in pots with no home to go to! So this will be a good time to give a big group of them to the committee to sell on their plant stall on the day.

I'm thinking of having this evening off from garden duties ! I'll be home tomorrow , so will have a whole day to get some work done. Paul's out at a bowls match, so it would be fair if I didn't work but then I keep thinking of all the jobs needing doing... so I may just potter.. you know bring an item or two down to the 'get rid of' pile or make a list of jobs to do.

I am a list maker , I love a list.. lol.. and I especially love looking at a list that's having things ticked off as they are completed , so satisfying. Mmm and if I make a list I can sit down while I do it which will be a bonus after being on my feet all week , day and evening ,which has made my arthritis in my left leg flare up.. so I think list making and a couple of trips moving items into the get rid of pile.

Well that's what I'll be doing tonight ! I hope you'll all be having a lovely work free evening.




  1. Good luck with your garden open day, I hope it goes well (is it this coming weekend?).

    1. Thank you , no another week to get ready thank goodness!

  2. Saying 'Yes' a year in advance would definitely be a 'NO' from me too... but I've learnt my lesson several years back as so often it comes at a time when you could well have done without it!
    Just think that you could now have been enjoying setting up your new Sasha studio to your complete liking instead of sorting out and getting rid of garden rubbish.

    1. If we'd started clearing the garden back then or even done one thing a month we'd not have so much to do now but also the weather at the beginning of the year didn't help. Plus the Studio could have waited to be bought and put up but like everything it always comes along at the same time!

  3. The garden will be beautiful though Dee, all the hard work you've both been doing is really paying off now. Maybe you need to have a list of dates when you take all the rubbish to the dump and then you can tick that off too and you'll keep your garden clear and your love of lists happy!!!

    1. It will be lovely as you say Sharon once we're done. and yes a list for taking garden rubbish to dump could be good too ! lol But I think i'd best just trying putting it in way in carport it will soon get down the tip then! xx