Saturday 28 November 2020


 Well almost all.

The flooring is down ! Hooray and we are slowing bringing furniture etc back into the rooms. 

A view of the living room. You will have to excuse how this post looks as I am having to use my iPad mini which is a nightmare due to it being so old . Now when I try to move on it seems to roll away and I cannot find the end of my last sentence! 

For some reason the computer ,that was disconnected and moved while floor went down, refuses to link to the internet! 

So it’s the mini iPad or nothing at present!  Now it allowed me to add the photo above but is now hiding how I can add a second ! 

Now it’s reappeared!  But still no way to add more photos. So I will return tomorrow and try to do my Sunday catch with a photo or even two! If I can work out what to do!

It really doesn’t help when you are not techno savvy!



  1. Looking lovely. Sometimes I think technology just likes to mess with us.

    1. Thanks, we are really pleased with how it’s come together. You can see from my next post that technology loves to mess with me!