Sunday 1 November 2020


 Yes It's Sunday and yes it's the 1st of November! I have to say that October does seem to have rushed by but then we have been busy with the house. And we are going into a month's lockdown from Thursday! I cannot say I am surprised , I think lots of people started to forget the rules needed to be followed to keep the R number down and started just going about their business without thinking and so another lockdown is the result.

Personally ,as we are not working now, we spend most of our time at home working on getting the house straight and only really venturing out for things connected with decorating or food. Although I did see a friend for a coffee on Friday but thats the first time I've been into a cafe for months.

I have also popped into my old workplace every month for a short visit but masks are worn at all times, so I feel quite safe doing so, but naturally that won't happen this month.

I wrote the next sentence during the week.....

And it's all slowly coming together, with the flooring being laid at the end of this month and the electrian due the end of this coming week! We just need a couple of other things to fall into place and November will be a great month.

.......Well that was a mistake ! I remember when I typed that last bit about November being a great month that I could be tempting fate and it appears I did!!  as now the flooring will be delayed since lockdown won't end until 2nd December ! However luckily the electrican is coming on Wednesday! the day before lockdown, so we will at least be able to get the switch and plug point etc done before everything stops, so Paul will be able to continue with the last bit of decorating needed downstairs. Then it will be a case of sitting back and waiting for the country to start moving again.

The only other thing about the lockdown is that Courtney's baby is due this month, so we'll not be able to visit her as soon as he's born and will have to make do with skyping for our first view. Luckily her husband has plenty of time off once he's born , so they should be able to manage.

 We took delivery of our ,new to us, upcycled cupboard and we are very happy with it. It is a nice solid piece of furniture and looks great in the alcove that used to house the book case.

 We cannot use it yet as it will need to be removed when the floor is laid but I have just housed some of Clara's Christmas presents inside for the moment !( that circle is from the lens of the camera! )

I have had this beautiful Laura Ashley linen over fifteen years, it was orginially bought so I could make curtains for our last house,  which was a large Edwardian semi with a big square bay window. We decided to move before the curtains were made , so I kept the fabric. Planning to use it here but up till now it's not suited anywhere.

I have used a small amount a few years back, so I am hoping that I will still have enough, to now make some curtains for the living room. I have been using the curtain lining, I purchased at the same time, in the facemasks I have made, so hopefully there will still be enough of that to use. I believe I may even have the curtain tape! Which will mean I will be able to make them without it costing me anything but my time and it will mean all those items are no longer sitting in cupboards/ boxes waiting !

That is one of the things we are finding as we slowly move through the house decorating, we are making use of things we have that may have been sitting about for a while. For example we have been able to rehang more of our pictures by using the hallway, and also like the ones above the blue cupboard, changing the format.

I also used up some more fabric that came with us from our last house. We decided to have a door curtain, to cover the front door in winter, when the weather is at it's coldest. No matter how much you think you have managed to stop any draughts there are always some ! Plus being lovers of wooden doors they are not the best for insulation.

Not only did I have enough fabric to make the curtain, I also had a piece of curtain tape that was exactly the right length, I didn't even need to cut any off it fit so well ! So I made the curtain today and it's now in place ready for any cold weather coming our way! 

So once I have made the living room curtains, I will have used up three pieces of fabric along with the curtain tape that have been sitting about for over fifteen years! Which will have freed up space, so I finally feel like we are making some headway.

When I was sorting through the books I came across a book I put together of some Sasha photos years ago, I had totally forgotten all about it!

No idea why I chose this photo for the front!It was taken at East Rushton Old Vicarage Gardens and is one of the twins, Violet, who also went round the gardens ,along with her twin,with us.

 It was nice to look at some of the old photos. I will now keep it with my other Sasha books , so it doesn't get forgotten again.

Also on the doll front, it's been a lovely week. My large BJD's who are in need of clothes and some attention, received a wonderful parcel in the post from a very good friend. Lots of lovely clothes and shoes she no longer wanted for her dolls ! Doll people are the best !

Plus another good friend returned Lily this week after working on her very scarred face.

Her before photo


 and after ! A wonderful result from all her hard work. Lily is over the moon.

So much so she wants to start Christmas now! But alas I had to tell her no because we still need those floors done and so until them she'll just have to make plans and gather her things together.

I did not buy any dolls this week, even though I was offered a No Navel ! Yes even the friend who offered her to me was impressed I'd said no ! Mind you she has come back with a tempting part exchange offer......

So November! The last month of autumn before we head into Winter!  and with the way this years gone I'd not be surprised if we are not visited by another beast from the east like we were a few years ago, the only plus would be people would have to isolate then because they wouldn't be able to get out for the snow and ice! 

If you would like to send in your photos ready for the doll photo day on the fifth please do, I still have not sorted out a laptop and am nbot sure If I'll be able to go and buy one due to lockdown restrictions, so at least I still have this computer for another month.

I wish you all a happy healthy fun filled week ahead and a Happy Birthday to anyone whose birthday falls this month.




  1. My goodness you have been busy Dee...I love the colour of your new cupboard <3 I very much doubt lockdown will end on December 2nd, remember in March Bojo said it would be just for a couple of weeks to get the NHS up and running......when have you ever known a politician to tell the truth:) Fingers crossed you get those new carpets soon!

    1. Thanks Simps we have , that cupboard's in fb hague blue :) I think we'll come out of lockdown but will still have the different tiers, so we may not all come out together!
      And it appears we can still have our flooring and carpets done with we agree, so we agree! :)
      Nice to hear from you xx

  2. It's hard you will not be able to see your new born grand child. Lockdown in Germany still allows family visits by one household, though we were friendly asked to keep them to a minimum.
    Lily looks great! She must be so happy to have her face back.

    1. It will be hard not to be able to go and give hima lovely cuddle but hopefully not too long to wait :)
      Lily is very happy to have her 'new' face :)