Sunday, 29 November 2020


 So let’s see how I get on today with using the iPad for posting! Well things are finally coming together but being as we are retired ,we don’t need to rush, so are taking our time deciding what we actually need to bring back into the space we’re made. **** this I’m adding here because I am unable to add it at the end! Argggg! So I wish you all a happy healthy week ahead  


Being the collector in the family , I’m having a fight on my hands! But also I’m finding I to don’t want the place to become over crowded. I wouldn’t mind but I’m the tidy one in the family ! I have places for things and will always return them to their places, where as others use things and then no one near find them because they have not been put back.

Well back to the week! We spent the time leaving in our kitchen/ dinning area with a sideboard across the opening into the sitting area, on that the dogs could be kept away from the workman and the screeding. Thankfully because it’s a big room, we had space for the sofa and armchair with the tv on top of the barrier cupboard. It was fine fir the first couple of days but I wouldn’t want to have to live in such a small space for longer. 

This is a view of the new sitting area , from the living room sofa, which we are calling the day room and our daughter keeps calling the blue room!
We are slowly sorting it, I’m fighting to get my arts and crafts bureau into it , but foolishly placed the little sofa centrally, which looked good , so now I need a place for it to go!
Today I brought all my Emma Bridgewater pottery back in from my sasha studio and placed all the Christmas items on the dresser.


  1. A lot of work - but it pays. Your blue day room will look very stately once finished.

    1. It is and it will pay off in the end . I’m loving the blue room 😃