Thursday 5 November 2020


 Gunpowder treason and doll photos! Yes it's the fifth of the month so time for your lovely photos of your sweet dolls going about their lives.

So first up we have...

 We have Eve and her dog Snoby , Ursula says they are enjoying some time outside while the weather is nice and dry.

Snoby is very good and sits with Eve while she enjoys the fresh air.

Over at Gregoropolis, Steve's boys are looking smart and ready for winter, Duncan, James, Wyatt and Emile now consider themselves set with no need for any more faffing about with clothes.

Plus some of the girls at Gregoropolis, Alice, Wendy and Daisy are already looking pretty in this weeks outfits, Steve tells me they are constantly changing as the mood takes! I do love that green plaid dress Wendy is wearing.

From Viv in Wales , we have these two lovelies. They can now head back out into the town and start their Christmas Shopping as Wales comes out of lockdown and England goes in! 

Here is the village, Jenny managed to escape from the F&M hamper basket where a few of the Sasha's are resting while the decorating is going on. Now she's wanting some warmer clothing.. anyone would think it was November ! ;)

I thought I'd share a closer photo of Jenny's sweet face.

 Carol from Canada's diorama for November are some little dolls playing a game, just love them , so sweet.

Also Carol's Pongratz girl Alice now has a new dress to keep her warm for winter.

Thank you to everyone sending in their November photos, there is still time to have yours added, so get clicking.


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  1. Great photos! Just wonderful!
    This is so exciting... All those beautiful dolls from all over the world. It seems there exists some extra Sasha world, and this world seems to be a fine one.
    I did not know that, I started with making-over of rocking horses but since a few weeks two Sashas have moved in, my days are completely different... outside with horses and Sasha dolls ;-)
    Great blog here!!! Nice people and sweet Sasha dolls. Thank you so much for sharing.