Sunday 8 November 2020


 I always start writing these Sunday posts from around Friday onwards, adding things as I go until Sunday arrives and I either have to completely rewrite it cos somethings changed or can just continue with the update.

So this week I have had a really bad right arm, it's gradually been getting more painful over the last couple of weeks until this week, I just could not ignore it any more and had to rest it for a day. I cannot be sure why it got so bad but wondered if it was from when I did my version of Revels bolero and landed on that side with my arm outstretched? Anyway I eventually decided to use deep heat on it and I'm pleased to say it's much improved although it still aches but nowhere near as bad and I can now sleep most of the night!

 Wednesday the electrian came and relocated the switch from it's place hanging from the middle of the ceiling onto the wall ...Yes novel I know ! A double plug point was also relocated from the old wall and the outside light rewired, so we now finally have some light again outside the back of the house.

Of course twice I went to turn the light on or off from it's old place dangling from the middle of the ceiling and amazingly the space now seems more open? just because the switch is no longer hanging down...

He's also put in three pendants over the kitchen table and removed the old single light.  

Yes that is my sewing machine sitting on the end of the table ! it's my intention to make the living room curtains and therefore get rid of another two lots of fabric that is sitting about !

I love how it appears we have three more lights outside! 

He's coming back Tuesday to add a plug point in bedroom and also add an outside plug in the carport, to save Paul having to put an extension lead through the kitchen window everytime we need electric out there.

We also changed the light fitting in the kitchen area which Paul put up.

Of course now all the ceilings need filling, where the old lights were and they are going to be repainted anyway as we are decorating that area now. I'm now thinking we'll need to change the fly catcher light shade in the sitting area to match in with the new more modern lights.

Yesterday we finally removed the desk Paul used to work from, so the end of an era.

 At present we still have his work computer, which is now sitting on a small trolly that matched the desk and housed the printer.

So this room is now ready to clean and decorate starting tomorrow.

On the doll front, the postal service between countries is a nightmare! I sold and posted a doll to Begium on the 15th October , it arrived in that country one day later, and it just sat there until they say they tried to deliver it on the 2nd of November but noone was home, they have now sent it back to UK without trying to redeliver ,even though the buyer was home the first time! Lord knows how long it will take to return and then I have to send it back!

I'm also expecting a parcel from the US, well it was put in their postal system on the 14th October it then took until 22nd to be put on a flight to Uk and that's where it's tracking has stayed until finally it's landed on UK on 5th November!

I don't think I will be sending any more parcels abroad until after the postal service start doing their job properly again.

 I got into conversation with Ruth Hartley of Ruthsdolls about a dress for my 1941 kathe kruse doll Gudrun and she offered to make a dress for Gudrun as I wanted it longer and with long sleeves and she didn't have anything suitable on her site.

It arrived Friday and is just perfect for her.

She looks so much better in this longer dress with the long sleeves. It helps hide her well loved body.

Now she just needs some tights or long socks and shoes that will fit over them and then she'll be a very happy old girl.

For the moment she's had to go back into the box with other dolls until the floorings been laid.

Also I won a prize in a raffle by Petrana , for everyone who had bought any of the dolls shoes she was selling during October.  I was amazed when she contacted me to say it was my ticket that had been drawn!

Luckily Jenny was around to put on the lovely outfit which of course included the shoes and socks on.

She just needs a cardigan and then she's all set for winter.

I had intended to find one of the redhead to wear this outfit but they are all in boxes so used Jenny but I think it suits Jenny well. I do love dark blue.

Well I'm off to try and remember how to make lined curtains, as it's been quite a while since I last made a pair.

I wish you all a lovely happy healthy week ahead.




  1. I can't decide who looks smarter - Jenny in her wonderful Petrana outfit or Gudrun in Ruthdolls, a dress witch suits her perfectly.
    Congrats to your lucky win!
    Lined curtains!! I'm impressed - I never tried that yet.

    1. Thank you. I rarely win anything so it was a lovely surprise.
      It's a good few years since I made any, so I need to take my time! :)

  2. You can never have too much lighting in the kitchen. I'm glad I'm not the only one with troubles with international mail. Love both the dresses. The style of the blue one is perfect with a cardigan. No long sleeves to get all bunched up inside.

    1. I have to agree, as we have spent quite a few years avoiding turning the light on , on occasion due to it throwing the fuse! But now it's all good!
      Sounds like we are all waiting on things arriving! I agree so much easier if not long sleeved under a cardie!