Tuesday 17 November 2020


 Well not quite! Since it would have probably destroyed their garden buildings but we awoke today to the neighbour two doors down having his very tall tree removed.

 By the time I thought to take photos, he'd already removed a fair bit of the highest parts.

view from back doors, it must have been about fifty plus feet. It was quite interesting to watch how he worked taking it down safely. You could hear the thud when the bigger chunks of trunk hit the ground.

He was a man with a mission!

I think he stopped for a cuppa!

Then it was no more! I had wondered if they'd leave the lower half because it was well used by the birds and there is an Owl who will shocked tonight when he arrives for a perch !

Although it's opened up the view across the gardens and will make for more sun in the day , it is a shame to see it go but it was very big for a normal back garden, so I can understand.



  1. I understand there was a reason to do this - but it always makes me sad to see a tree fall.

    1. I agree it is always sad to see a healthy tree removed :(