Wednesday 7 April 2021


 I Spent most of yesterday sorting through five middle sized boxes and three large shopping bags full of dolls clothes.

This is the result from just one of the boxes! over the day the piles grew! I landed up clearing the three bags but then adding a couple of small boxes to take clothes for other non sasha dolls.

Today after a trip to the post office in town, this afternoon I sorted through the dress box, which was so full it could not be closed!

I was intending to load the dresses on my sales page and keep them in draft form until ready to sell but I could only update , so not wanting to lose all the work I'd done. The dresses are now on the sales page but I am not answering any emails re any sales until tomorrow.  the 8th april

I still have more boxes to check to see what stays and what goes! This tidying is very time consuming! but once it's over my studio will be a real haven.

**Please note these are not the items that are for sale.... see the sales page... thank you ***


  1. A labour of love! One is always surprised how time consuming it is.

    1. Yes, what you think will take a day becomes a months work!