Monday, 5 April 2021


 Yes it's the fifth of April and now it's time for doll photos. First up is

We have three of the pussy cat dolls from Liz in Devon.

From Gregoropolis we have Gavin ,a fine Clarinet player ,who likes his hats to be has fine as his music and they certainly are if this one is anything to go by.

From RoRoPo we have Caleb in his lovely new sweater and following him , his cat. who says only dogs can be taken for a walk!

Ursula's girl Diana is pleased that the hogs have found an easter egg! No truffles today just chocolate.. well it could be a truffle chocolate egg?

Meanwhile Harley is stroking Lamby the lamb over in the flower garden.

Meanwhile over here in the village, Liberty is pretending to be a tulip !

Yes Liberty you make a great bunch of tulips but can you stop standing in that pot before your shoes get covered in earth and you flatten a real tulip !

From Karin in Switzerland we have Sasha who wanted to show us all her new bag which she is so proud of. Next she is going out shopping so others can also admire it.

Also from Liz in Devon, a lass who is rocking the sixties vibe.

From Jenni in Wales we have Aderyn with her nice big chocolate egg and a chick, celebrating Easter.

Many thanks to everyone taking part by sending in their photos, there is still time to have yours added, so just send them in.


  1. Still no comments... I love the Pussycat dolls and all the other kids dressed smartly for spring. And my children are screaming they need a stylish bag!
    Good camouflage, Liberty!

  2. I wonder where the Village Admiration Society is this week, NeverUschi? Perhaps everyone is busy spring cleaning and hasn't popped by to comment?

    A lovely selection of Sasha photos, showing all the variations of temperaments among these lovely dolls.

  3. Beautiful pictures and very pretty dolls. I love all of the dresses so much! The clarinet player is very impressive. I adore Caleb's cat; there is something special about wooden toys. Very nice scenery in the pictures with hogs and lamb. The new bag is stunning, as well as the doll's cardigan.
    My Sasha dolls are upset with me for missing doll photo day again. :)