Sunday 25 April 2021


 Goodness two in a row! Could we be in for a glorious summer of warm dry weather? Wouldn't that be nice. We have not had any rain to speak of for a good few weeks! 

The lion head windows are now in place giving us some privacy from the lovely neighbours. More details are on the garden blog a link to which you can find on the side bar.

I continue to work on clearing space in the Sasha Studio but it is a never ending job, I'm almost at the sell it all stage ! But then that would probably take even longer , what with taking photos, listing them and then if sold boxing/bagging up and then posting! So for now I am just working on tidying and boxing things up.

Then I will revisit the boxes etc and clear more items. The good weather does help by enabling me to take things out of the studio and leave outside freeing up the floor space. I just need to achieve that part where I don't need to move anything to find the floor space!

The boxes I bought with some of my sales money have worked out perfect for sliding under the cupboard units, so I will buy some more to put under the remaining space. I tell you no space is being left empty if a box can fit !

Michelle's shop front just needs another coat of paint , a doo knob and some plastic for the window and then it's all done. However then it's now to get it to her ? May have to send it or put it away until her next visit. Jenny very kindly modelled for me.

On the doll front I did recieve another Lynne and Michael Roche doll, Hannah, who'd taken over a m onth to arrive. Yet another L&M roche doll who was posted standard post a week later will arrive next week!

More annoying is a Gregor I posted to the US, is still sitting in Chicago having arrived there on the 13th March ! Luckily the buyer is kindly willing to wait for his arrival but I may have to make a claim, to see if that kicks them into action if he doesn't move in the next couple of weeks!

I have sold a few more clothing items and also Gorgeous George , my ginger baby, it was sad to sell him but the babies get no interaction from me, so now he'll at least get some attention.

And although I'm downsizing, I do have an urge to add another brunette button nosed lass to my small band of Sasha's. But only if one I love comes up for sale at the right time and place.

So on that note I will wish everyone a happy healthy week ahead and get back to my studio clear up.



  1. Well we had three very sunny and dry summers in a row, in the Kellerwald trees are dying, don't ask what became of my attempts at growing vegetables - so I'd gladly take all the rain you don't need! If only that were possible...
    These lion heads add a very nice touch to your garden, and privacy sometimes is needed even when your neighbours are the kindest people on earth. This way, it doesn't look at all like a visual cover, it's art. Well done!

    1. Yes the lack of rain will cause problems especially if the summer is hot! We have had some rain today but not very much and barely enough to wet the ground! The garden could do with a good down pour preferably over night would be good ;)

      Thank you the lion heads are working well and do look nice where they now live.